Chance me for UC's, Vanderbilt, Rochester, and NYU

I’m applying to: UCLA, UCSD, UCB, UCSB, UCD, UCI, CP SLO, SJSU, UT Austin, Vanderbilt, Rochester, and NYU.
Major: Chemistry

I have legacy from my mom at Vanderbilt but I know that theyre still extremely competitive.

No Early Decisions.

Gpa: 3.73 UW, 4.18 w, 4.09 capped
SAT: 1490- 710 English, 780 Math
Im taking the SAT math subject in October
Sophomore year:
Honors chemistry: A/A
Honors English: A/A
Honors Algebra 2/Trig: A/A
AP Euro History: A/A
French 2: A/A
Junior year (this is where Im worried most):
AP Chemistry: B/A
AP Lang: B/B
French 3: A/A
Pre Calc Honors (weighted): B/C
AP Psychology: A/A
US History: A/A

AP scores: chem-5, lang-4, psych-4, euro- 4

Petitioning w/ 30k signatures
Art (Ive sold it to ppl online + authors/musicians)
Work: part-time swim coach at academy run by an Olympic medalist

Asian female; family income: 300k; from the Bay Area

Thanks in advance!!

EDIT: oops, didnt post my freshman grades for the Non-UC’s:
Honors English: B/B
Honors Bio: A/A
French 1: A/A
Honors Geometry: B/B
Health: A/x
Geography: x/A

AP Bio
AP calc ab
AP Art History
AP gov/econ
Chemical technology: it’s like a TA for the ap chem teacher and theres only a few of us but we set up labs, clean glassware, make solutions, other chem stuff haha
English 12
Recc letters: AP chem teacher, French teacher.

I can’t chance you, but am curious why you don’t plan on applying ED anywhere. You will have to research whether Vandy considers legacy as a hook in RD or not.

@Mwfan1921 I’m not doing ED because I dont want to commit yet:) id like to keep my options open and from what Ive read, vandy takes legacy in to account. Rochester doesnt, so my legacy there wouldnt really help haha

Makes sense, definitely don’t apply ED if you want to keep options open. My point was that some schools only give a legacy boost in ED rounds, but it’s hard to know the type of bump a legacy applicant might get at a given school. Of course, a legacy applicant’s stats have to be in range for the school, and many will tell you that the legacy boost is greatest in ED, restricted or early application offerings.

Rochester absolutely takes legacy status into account and has one of the broadest legacy definitions of any college (parents, grandparents and siblings all count). Rochester even has a special scholarship available to legacies only (Meliora).

@Mxfan1921 wow I didnt know that! Thanks so much for telling me:)

I can’t speak to all these schools, but I’d say you definitely have a good shot for NYU. They are extremely competitive so make sure you take the essays and letters of recommendation very seriously. As for the UT Austin, that school is very difficult for OOS applicants to get in because of their guaranteed admission for top Texas students. I’d say you have a good chance but it really depends who you’re up against from Texas this year. The others I’m less familiar with. I can’t really gauge the UC schools because I was OOS so not sure how much more/less difficult it is for in state.

I’m only familiar with Rochester, and I think you’re pretty solid there.

@jpjfnj @taverngirl Thank you both!

I think for your reaches of Vandy and Berkeley, your extracurriculars may hinder you as they don’t appear to be very strong and your GPA is quite low. However, for your other schools you may have a chance! Good luck!

@collegeready33 Ahhh alright thanks v much for your help!

You are a competitive applicant for all the California schools. Consider UCB and UCLA Reach schools but definitely worth an application.

Freshman admit rates for UC GPA of 3.80-4.19 capped weighted and not major specific:

UCB: 12.6%- Reach
UCLA: 11.7%- Reach
UCSD: 38.7%- High Match/Low Reach
UCSB: 53.6%- Match/High Match
UCD: 56.5%- Match
UCI: 52.1%-Match/High Match

Cal Poly SLO: Match
SJSU: Safety

A slight downward trend in grades Junior year but I think you will should be fine with all but the top UC’s. Best of luck.

@Gumbymom Tysm!