Chance me for UC's

Hi! I’m a current high school senior who applied to UCR, UCSC, UCSB, UCI, UCS, UCSD, and UCLA. I greatly appreciate your input.

Weighted GPA: 4.2
UW GPA: 3.9 (received one B and two C’s in my math class junior year. Bad, I know. I did, however, explain in my essays how a personal medical struggle I faced during my junior year caused a slip in my math grades. All other grades are A’s).

UC GPA (capped): 4.1
UC GPA (uncapped): 4.17
SAT: 2090 (720 CR, 640 M, 730 W)

AP/Honors Classes: Honors American Literature, AP World History (4), APUSH (4), APES (4), AP Calc AB (didn’t take test), AP Government (N/A), AP Psychology (N/A), AP English Literature (N/A), and a few other honors courses but they aren’t UC approved

-4 years of Speech and Debate (President for 3 years)
-3 years on yearbook staff (section editor for 2 years)
-2 years of Breast Cancer Awareness club (secretary for 1 year)
-2 years as new student tour guide leader type thing
-2 years member of UNICEF Club
-3 years as an elementary school volunteer
-A good amount of volunteer hours with my local church

Intended major: Communications at UCD, UCSB, and UCSD. English at UCI, UCR, and UCLA. Literature at UCSC.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Whoops, I meant UCD, not UCS