Chance me for UCSB, San Diego State, San Francisco State, and NYU!

I am currently entering senior year. I skipped two grades so I am 15. I moved in 11th grade from Los Angeles to New York in the middle of the year, which is why my grades suffered in 11th grade along with getting whooping cough. I qualify for in state in both California and New York
9th Grade- Weighted- 4.52 Unweighted-3.95
10th Grade- W- 3.8 UW-3.6
11th Grade- W-3.68 UW-3.53

According to Cal State/UC Calculations, I have an overall GPA of 3.9.

9th Grade Classes- Honors Algebra, Honors English, Honors Govt, Honors Biology, Hebrew, Fine Arts, PE
10th Grade- English, Honors European History, Geometry, Arabic, Hebrew, PE
11th Grade- English, AP US History, Arabic, Hebrew, Ceramics, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Bake Shop, Health, PE
Summer of 11th- I’m taking two college classes-Marketing and Media
12th Grade - I’m planning on taking AP Macroeconomics, AP Microeconomics, AP Environmental Science, Statistics, College Law, English

SAT score- 1810 (planning on taking again in fall to get it up)

Volleyball team in 9th grade, Future Business Leader of America Club, President of photography club, writer for newspaper, Yearbook club, book club, JAC club, fashion club, animal rights club (might become an officer), Student Representative in 10th grade

Friendship Circle
Yachad LA
Tutoring underprivileged children
Yoga Studio Weekly
Animal Shelter

Assistant to a photographer
Camp counselor

SFSU: Safety
SDSU: Match
UCSB: Low Reach

Get your SAT score up to the 1900-2000 range, UCSB may be possible especially if your essays are outstanding.

Good Luck.