Chance me for UCSD

Hi all, three months after submitting my college application, and I’m getting a bit nervous about my UCSD decision… was wondering if someone could chance me. Here are my stats:

In-State Male, Major: Computer Science

GPA: 3.8uw/4.48w (all of my Bs I got in freshman year, and the UC gpa is calculated without freshman year I think, so my uw gpa would be 4.0 for sophomore/junior year)

APs: English Lang/Comp: 5, Calc AB: 5, AP Comp Sci A: 5, APUSH: 4
Taking 5 more APs this year

ACT: 35 one sitting (put in application, but they say that they don’t look at it?)

Extracurriculars: Co-founder of a volunteer organization, Vice President of a hackathon (programming competition) organization, web design internship, 200+ hours volunteer x2 different locations, Vice President of Comp Sci club

Essays: 9/10 - Subjective, I know, but I must have spent 50+ hours on them and I think they turned out okay.

Thanks for your help!!!

I definitely think you stand an excellent chance of admittance. With the situation at UC-Berkeley rolling out, I’m not sure how that would effect CS at other UCs, but I would be surprised if you were not accepted. But the last two years have been full of surprises. Is UCSD the only school you felt 90% sure of an acceptance? Or is it your top choice? Or…?

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It is definitely one of my top choices. Also hoping for UCLA, but I know that will be a big reach. Really appreciate your feedback :smile:

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Recalculate your HS GPA with GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub . Use the weighted capped version for the table below.

Fall 2021 admission rates by campus and HS GPA range from Freshman fall admissions summary | University of California :

Campus 4.20+ 3.80-4.19 3.40-3.79 3.00-3.39
Berkeley 30% 11% 2% 1%
Davis 85% 55% 23% 10%
Irvine 60% 31% 14% 1%
Los Angeles 29% 6% 1% 0%
Merced 97% 98% 96% 89%
Riverside 97% 92% 62% 23%
San Diego 75% 35% 5% 1%
Santa Barbara 73% 28% 4% 1%
Santa Cruz 91% 81% 46% 9%

These are for the whole campus. Different divisions or majors may have different levels selectivity (usually, engineering and computer science majors are more selective).

Be aware that CS is the most overloaded major at UCSD, so it should be considered a reach to get into the CS major, even if getting into the campus is more of a match. If you are admitted to UCSD but not to the CS major, be aware that changing into the CS major after enrolling at UCSD is very unlikely: CSE Capped Admissions Process | Computer Science


Thanks for the Advice! I’ll add my capped gpa to my stats above :+1:

Weighted Capped GPA: 4.33

One other Question: I needed to put my freshman year grades in the application. I know that they don’t use it for my GPA, but does anyone know how much they actually look at those grades? I did kind of poorly (about 3.2uw) that year, so I’m wondering how much that will hurt me. Thanks in advance.

UC’s will look at Freshman grades for completion of the A-G course requirements and HS course rigor. An upward GPA trend will be noted.

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Just for your reference. My son is currently a freshman attending CSE at UCSD. His stat last year was 4.25+, a volunteer Math and Chemistry tutor, president of robotic team, semi-finalist recipient of FIRST robotic challenge etc.

He only applied for CS to all schools he applied. He was rejected by UCLA and UCSB. Waitlisted at UCI. Accepted by UCSC and UCSD.

To be honest I think any UC CS education is equally good. I don’t think there are much differences.

Thanks for your input!

This sounds like me but not CS… I am an international studies/relations major, similar GPA, also a volunteer math tutor, president of world language club, and state-certified biliterate in 2 languages. My top choice is UCSD but I’d love to go to UCI or UCSB. Just hoping for one of those three and maybe I have a chance!