Chance me for UGA EA 2024

Hello! I was thinking about applying to UGA EA, but I think that since I’m international students, I’ll be at disadvantage. My family can’t afford UGA, so the only hope is to get some scholarship. But I think that it will be even harder than to be accepted as international student.
GPA-4(unweighted, we don’t have weighted)
Rank: 1/160
We don’t have AP or something like that, but I took the most rigorous courses.
Awards: some regional, but I think they have no value since there are not national.
Extracurriculars: pretty decent with 2 clubs founded and being a president of three for more than three years. Student government. Volunteer as a tutor and have a job for the last year. We have a different system of clubs, comparing to USA. Extracurricular and clubs are not really popular in our country and in many schools you will not even have an opportunity to start some club because it just simply not applicable.
However, I heard that UGA don’t pay that much attention to extracurriculars.
Can you give me some advices? Is there is a point of applying to UGA? Do I even have a slice chance?

I would suggest applying given your high GPA and stats. UGA isn’t as transparent with how it awards merit $ compared to some other schools, but I would be surprised if you weren’t accepted early action (if you apply by the deadline) given your top GPA & SAT .

If you have additional questions re: scholarships, programs, loans, etc. available to international students, I’d suggest contacting the admissions office directly.

Good luck!

Thank you for your response!