Chance me for UMD for CS 2021 Fall OOS



Asian American

NJ Public School

Major: CS


1520(790 math, 730 R&W)



790-math 2

UW GPA-3.71

W GPA-4.18

APS(5 on all)- APCSA,AB,BC,Physics I,Physics C mech, Physics C E&M, Chemistry
Senior APS:Stat,Micro,CSP


4 yrs varsity sport(soccer)

captain of team senior yr^^

4yrs robotics club

Made app on android studios

Leadership position in local tennis programs

Essay:I am not done with so imnot completly sure if its good or bad.

And also would purdue be easier to get into than UMD for cs.Mar

You have very good stats and ECs; I think you have a good chance at UMD. CS at Purdue is more selective than that at UMD-College Park, but you are a competitive applicant there as well.

I have friends got in with 1430 CS and double majors , so it’s safety for you