Chance me for UNC-CH, Duke, PSU, UMich, and UT-Austin

Hello, I am currently a junior and am applying to the following schools this year: UMich, Duke, UNC-CH, PSU, and UT-Austin. I am especially interested in UNC, so if someone could help me figure out my chances I would really appreciate it.

I am a white female, out of state, living in rural PA. I go to a small school where very few Honors or AP classes are offered, and I have not had the opportunity to gain any experience in my intended major (anthropology) for this reason. I have taken every advanced class I could:

6 Honors classes (out of 7)
1 AP class (Biology, which I was lucky to have because it is only offered once every few years because of how few people sign up for it. The only other AP class here is AP History, which was only offered my junior year and was impossible for me to fit in my schedule.) I scored a 4/5 on the exam.

I am 4/71 rank wise. My GPA is 4.0 weighted.

I qualified for PMEA Region Band 2 years in a row and PMEA All-State Band last year, and this year I hopefully will as well. I have been our marching band’s drum major 2 years in a row and have had other leadership positions before that. I also placed 1st in last year’s PMEA District Jazz Festival.

I am involved in NHS and have volunteered a little bit outside of school.

My SAT score is 1420, and if this is too low, I could always apply test optional if that is a better choice.

I am pretty good at writing essays, so let’s assume that my essays are, I don’t know, 7, maybe 8/10?

My recommendations should be good, so let’s also assume that those are in a good place.

You look in great shape for Penn State. All the others will be a reach coming from out of state. UNC and Texas take so many in-state students the OOS pool is extremely competitive. You may want to add some others to make sure you have some choices. Maybe places like Maryland, Georgia, or Florida if you are looking for academically strong, large state flagship universities. Maybe even Washington if you don’t mind going far away. Good luck!

You’re a junior and you’re applying this year? I’m a little confused by that. Are you graduating early? I agree with the previous commenter that Penn State is your strongest possibility of that list. If you can bring the SAT score up that would help.

Duke & UNC-Chapel Hill will be tough.

Best chance is for Penn State–University Park.

Are you seeking financial aid ?

Why anthropology ? Any career plans ?

What are my chances to be admitted in UNC Chapel Hill?
In state male Hispanic first generation of immigrants.
Unweighted GPA 3.8125
Weighted 4.1250
SAT 1340
Member of NHS
Third clarinet marching and concert band
Athlete state championship qualifier and varsity team’s captain.
5 AP classes
11 honor classes
Over 100 hours volunteer in nonprofit organization
School’s ambassador.
I’m in my junior year.
Any comment will be highly appreciated