Chance me for UNC Chapel Hill, NC State

D is currently a Junior with a 3.8 unweighted GPA and a 4.65 unweighted GPA. Only two AP courses taken so far and wiill be a total of 3 by the end of this school year. Varsity tennis, National honor society and a bunch of other clubs. No leadership roles in any of the clubs. ACT score is a 28

Also, we live in NC

My S was accepted early action this year. He is in state and had a 1300 SAT and 29 ACT. He goes to a top ranked HS in NC and his gpa is 4.6 weighted 3.8 unweighted. He plays varsity baseball, takes a ton of AP classes. We met the associate director of admissions and she said the competition this year was very good. They are definitely looking at the extra curricular and volunteer work.
That said I encourage your daughter to apply as her scores and activities are similar to my son. Good luck!

Accepted to unc chapel hill early action and NC state regular decision

Thanks for your responses. Obviously, I am early in the process but figured I would ask while the data was fresh in the minds of most of you.

I’d suggest spending some time studying for the ACT – have your D take a lot of practice tests and aim for a 30+, which is very feasible with an initial score of 28. She should also look into doing some service projects or an internship this summer, which are both options that would allow her to demonstrate leadership. The fact that she isn’t a leader in clubs isn’t all that much of a problem, but it would help if she spent the time that’s left doing things she enjoys, that are meaningful, that might align with her major, and that will look good on her application. Her stats are already strong, but there are things she can do to improve her chances at a school like UNC. Of course this is all just my opinion, but I wish you and your D the best of luck!

Thanks for the input. Her ACT of 28 is her score after 3 attempts and we had a tutor for 36 hours at the Huntington learning center. She is taking it for the 4th and final time this Saturday. She has volunteered at the local hospital the last 2 years and has done two internships for credit during the school year this year. As of now she wants to go into nursing which is very competitive so we will likely look into ECU and Wilmington as well.

I am taking the ACT this Saturday as well – I wish her the best of luck. Also, that volunteer work and those internships are really awesome, so make sure she highlights them in her application.

Update: Results back from the 4/8 ACT test. Composite is still a 28 but super score is now a 30.

It’s been a few months, please chance for UNC if you can. Application is going in this week

Weighted GPA 4.7
Un-Weighted GPA 3.9
ACT score is 30 (super scored)
Asian Female
Varsity Tennis Team co-captain
2 years of hospital volunteer work and a bunch of other clubs and activities
5 AP classes (Env Science, Bio, Psych, Human Geo, Stats)

Does UNC superscore?. If so …
UNC- High Match
NC State- Safety

Especially since your daughter is in-state for UNC, I think you and she should be confident. GPA is obviously solid (as are her classes), EC’s sound pretty good, and her ACT score is above average.

Like I talked about before, be sure to emphasize her role at the hospital. She may not have any “leadership” roles, but volunteering at a hospital does take initiative and shows her character. This will be particularly helpful as you say she wants to go into nursing. I wish you the best of luck.

Update: Accepted to UNC, NC State, UNC-Wilmington, and ECU (honors). Since she is still planning on majoring in nursing she is deciding between UNC-CH and ECU.

UNCW also has nursing. And they also have an Honors College.