Chance me for UNC, OSU, UofSC

So I’m a junior in high school currently but I’m also homeschooled so I’m a bit worried about my chances at my top choices (University of North Carolina, Ohio state, Georgetown, and University of South Carolina ).

Gpa: 3.87 unweighted, 4.6 weighted

By graduation I’ll have taken around 35 credit hours at a community college through dual enrollment.

I started and am president of the first homeschool model un group in Ohio.

Varsity cross country 2 years (maybe 3 if I continue next year)

Started a service club (we do monthly projects but might do more after covid)

Have a part time job at chick fil a (during both summer and school year)

I also participated in OSU’s MD camp for aspiring medical students but since then have decided to not work in healthcare so I’m not sure if this is helpful.

Every summer (except 2020) I volunteer at my church’s vacation bible school

Since the model un conference was cancelled this year, instead of that I was an attorney for Ohio mock trial (it was online) but I don’t plan on doing that again once I start model un back up.

I took the ACT for the first time a week ago but haven’t gotten my scores. Realistically, by the time I apply I could probably have my score up to around a 33 but I’m guessing.

For UNC, I have 7 relatives who are going/have gone there so I’m a legacy—but I’m also out of state.

In state for Ohio state.

Honestly, what are my chances at any of those schools? If it’s not good do you have any suggestions for other colleges? I plan on majoring in history and international affairs with a minor in Arabic.

Also, because I’m homeschooled I have not taken any AP classes. Should I try for APUSH exam with only taking an honors us history class?

Probably good at OSU and USC

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You are likely a low match for OSU, a safety for USC, a high match/low reach for UNC (UNC admits OOS legacies at the same rate as in-state, which is about 40%), and Georgetown is a reach.

So, in general, it is a good set of colleges. You may want to look at GWU as another match, as well

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You should definitely get into Ohio State.

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You’re definitely into UofSC!

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I think you have a shot at UNC especially since your instate at schools are caring less and less about standardized testing, I would just keep your grades high and continue to work on your extra curriculars.

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Thanks! Would you recommend mentioned the MD Camp on the EC’s? I’m torn because it is a prestigious program that is hard to get into, but I’m no longer interested in the medical field.

Awesome thanks. What is low match/high match?

you have to see what would replace it and if it would tell a narrative of a well-rounded student or take away from a certain story you’re trying to tell

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UNC only considers parents for legacy, but there is a legacy boost. However, UNC has a hard cap of 18% OOS students, including recruited athletes. As UNC meets need for both in- and out-of state students and is highly ranked uni, the competition for those spaces is higher than you might expect.

Taking the AP USHx exam w/o taking the class won’t make much of a difference for admissions.

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Thanks for the response! Where did you get the 18%? I’ve seen different numbers so I’m not sure which is correct

18% is the cap for OOS. The acceptance rate runs around 13% or so from some of the numbers I’ve seen.

do you know the acceptance rate for in-state?

In state is around 22% I believe but out of state is 13%. OOS Legacy is above 30% but I don’t know the exact percentage