Chance me for University of Florida

Hi, I go to a really tough STEM high school which is known by many colleges.
Here are my stats
GPA: 3.34 (might go up since im doing RA) weighted
ACT: 34 (superscore)
Cumulative: 87.95 (might go up since im doing RA)
APs: AP Bio, AP Stat, AP World, APUSH, AP gov, AP Calc, AP Comp Sci, AP Macro, AP Micro, AP Lit, AP Psych
Extracurriculars: over 250 volunteer hours; I have a leadership position for a high school dem organization; part of a youth group for a nonprofit; two internships(one at a hospice, one at an orthdontist); part of school’s TSA for 3 years; part of school’s medical club for two years; dance for 10+ years; piano for 10+ years

Are you instate or OOS?

My concern is the low GPA.
UF likes higher GPA’s for their incoming freshman.

What does your counselor say about your chances based on previous applicants from your school?

No chance - likely not FSU either. Maybe Summer admission but doubtful. UCF is a slim possiblity I suppose. Their HS GPA was 4.18 though.

FAU is possible and very likely for a Summer admit.

Good luck.

Is that weighted GPA calculated as UF will re-calculate? If not, what is your unweighted GPA, core courses only on a 4 point scale? How many Cs do you have?

I think UF is unlikely. What state do you live in? What other schools are you looking at?

im from georgia

im not sure about the GPA.
I live in georgia I am also looking at UGA, Mercer, Clemson, Texas A&M

EDIT: I mean to be 3.54 for the GPA, not 3.34 sorry

UGA is as hard if not harder than Florida to get in. Mercer is private - but you might have a shot.

Talk to your counselor. If you’re from a top HS, some of those have lower GPAs that the colleges know and the kids get in. So maybe your school overperforms.

Otherwise, your list is too reach heavy - and you need to add a directional (Ga Southern, West GA) or Georgia College…or a Bama, Auburn, UTK, Kentucky, Arkansas, etc. - all great schools by the way.

Good luck.

Some other schools I am looking at are auburn, uab, gsu and I have a couple of other reaches like purdue and GT

Auburn and Uab good. You’ll get in. Maybe add Bama and uah too or Utk