chance me for university of michigan, university of chicago, northwestern, upenn...

<p>chance me for upenn, university of michigan, university of chicago, northwestern, stanford, duke, columbia please?
im a junior from michigan, got a 35 on my ACT (35 E 35 M 36 R 32 S), will finish with a 4.2 weighted, 3.8 unweighted.
taking AP calc, AP world, AP Calc, AP lang, architecture and engineering. I got an A in all 6 first quarter, should continue to do so. I did very well freshman year (2 b's), but sophomore year i got 5 or 6.
I am the captain of the varsity tennis team, i played football 1 year, basketball for 2, freshman county champion at pole vault, 3 years lacrosse and 2 years tennis.
In NHS, and i volunteer at my temple and in detroit painting murals.
i really wanna go to penn/northwestern, but chance me for all please? thanks!</p>

<p>oh, and brown please!</p>

<p>Well they are all extremely tough schools to get into but it seems like you would be a good applicant, especially with the high ACT score</p>

<p>I say there's no way you don't get into UM. I'm pretty confident I'm getting in with a 3.7 and 33.</p>

<p>holy crap dude.
I also got a 35, have a 3.8 unweighted, taking similar classes to you, and got all A's in my first semester junior year.
Freshman year I had a 4.0, but sophomore year I got 3 B's (basically 6 B's b/c our schedule is different). I am captain of track team, and won freshman counties for pole vault. I played football for 2 years
\I live in SE Michigan. I am applying to U of M, Brown, Northwestern, etc. I am in NHS, and am also Indian (assuming you are b/c you volunteered at a temple)
Only difference is that I am a Senior and already applied to U of M, MSU, etc.</p>

<p>hahah thats awesome, let me kno if you get in! but i'm not indian, jewish ;)</p>

<p>oh, i'm also a double legacy at both u of m and penn, dont know how much that helps!</p>