Chance me for UPenn CS (ED)!

Indian Male


Decent school for STEM in MA


  • W: 4.72/5.0
  • UW: 3.98


  • ACT: 36 composite (35 W, 36 M, 35 R, 36 S)
  • SAT II:
    • Math II: 800
    • Chemistry: 800

AP Courses:

  • BC Calculus, Physics C: Mechanics, APUSH, Statistics, all 5s

Awards (nothing major):

  • 3x AIME Qualifier
  • USACO Silver
  • NSDA Debate Championships Late Elimination Round Qualifier in Debate
  • Science team


  • Played Indian drum Instrument called for over 11 years: had a solo debut performance, also picked up other foreign drums
  • National Honor Society: President — NHS group of over 120+ people this year that I have to manage, more than double our school has ever seen, numerous community service and fundraising events, etc.
  • Independent research project: Writing a very basic computer simulation program to simulate experiment on sound and brainwave entrainment. Planning on writing a paper and submitting abstract. I have a mentor and stuff but the research isn’t very good, probably not very publishable and certainly won’t work in research competitions.
  • Debate (4 years): NSDA Late outround qualifier
  • Research with a professor from a local college (summer into Senior Year): Making a statistical model using computer software. also writing a Machine Learning algorithm based on data collected and various statistics principles.
  • *Math Team (4 years): Earned a few awards in the State and New England, our school consistently places in the top 2 in the state competitions. top scorer
  • *Speech and Debate Coach / Instructor (4 years): Coach my junior high’s speech team and work at a debate camp for middle schoolers in the summer
  • *Volunteering at the Local Science Museum: Played the instrument (listed above) as a Music Therapist for kids with Autism at our local science museum.
  • *Tutor at local math school (job, 3 years)
  • *Science Olympiad Invitational Qualifier — Some medals at Yale invitational

Essays and Recommendations:

  • I’ll try to make it as good as it can be lol
  • LoR: One from my math teacher, who also happens to be the NHS advisor and gave me an award for being a top performing Junior in BC Calculus (a senior class) so his will probably be good (maybe “exceptional?”). Another from my English teacher, hers should also be decently good.
  • Counselor one should be pretty good
  • LOR from my employer at the math school, knows me both as a student and employee. Should be pretty good

Anyone wanna help me with this? I’m wondering whether i should apply seas or cas cuz i can do cs as a 2nd major is cas

You seem to be really proficient in math and science, so I think if you want to focus on engineering, definitely apply to SEAS :slight_smile:

I think if you can get that research published it might be good

Yea I think it’s on way. Thanks

R u applying SEAS? it seems like you would be a really good fit there.

Good chances. Now a lot depends on essays and recos.

Just be aware upenn is not the best in CS:

Institution Count Faculty

1 ► Carnegie Mellon University 17.5 150
2 ► Massachusetts Institute of Technology 12.2 85
3 ► Stanford University 11.3 58
4 ► University of California - Berkeley 11.1 84
5 ► Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 9.9 90
6 ► University of Michigan 9.7 77
7 ► Cornell University 9.0 76
8 ► Georgia Institute of Technology 8.1 88
9 ► University of Washington 7.5 56
10 ► University of California - San Diego 6.8 52
11 ► University of Maryland - College Park 6.1 52
11 ► University of Wisconsin - Madison 6.1 49
13 ► Columbia University 5.8 47
14 ► University of Pennsylvania 5.5 46

penn cs is super underrated lol



2 days my dude

Did you end up applying SEAS or CAS?