Chance me for URI

I’m currently a highschool junior from a very small town in Maine, less than 500 kids go to my entire highschool.
I have a 3.7 GPA, and a 1450 SAT
My highschool doesn’t rank
I’ve taken all honors classes and every AP class that my highschool offers.
I’m dual enroled with two community colleges, taking multiple college-level classes. This semester I’m enrolled in Bussiness Law and College Algebra. This summer I will be taking Intro to Lit at a college level.
I plan on majoring in Philosophy or Political Science or English (not really sure yet!) on a pre-law track!
For extra-curricular’s, I do professional and community theater. I’m also on speech team, I volunteer at my local hospital and at a homeless shelter, along with teaching yoga and women’s self-defense classes at my local gym.
The only thing that’s making me nervous to apply is my GPA, its low and I’m not sure if my SAT will make up for it. If you could tell me my odds, or other schools that would be better for me to apply to that would be great!

I think you get in with merit.