Chance me for USC Honors College? Any other college suggestions?

Please chance me for the University of South Carolina (Not Southern California lol) Honors College!

Computer Science Major (possibly a double major in CS and Math)

-ACT: 32 Composite (35E, 30M, 31R, 30S, 8W) // 33 Composite (35E, 30M, 32R, 36S)
-SAT I: 1920 (1350 CR + M)
-SAT II: none

Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 3.88

Weighted GPA: 4.59

Rank: Top 6% out of 239

AP Scores: United States History (4), English Language and Composition (4) // Signed up for Chemistry, Literature, and Calculus my senior year.

Senior Year Course Load: 3 AP courses and one fine arts class (My school does block semester scheduling [four classes a semester] and AP classes are year long so that is all I could fit)

Extra Stuff:

Extracurricular activities: National Honors Society and National Technical Honors Society Member, Piano lessons 5+ years

Volunteer/Community service: 100+ hours for NHS

Summer Activities: Two online classes (Government CP and Economics CP) my school doesn’t let us take the AP or honors version of these courses.

Essays (rating 1-10, details): I would say 6-8. I am going to have three teachers and a close friend who is really good at English read over them.


State: SC

School Type: Public

Ethnicity: Asian-American

Gender: Female

Income Bracket: $95,000 annually (But I am paying for a lot of college myself due to issues with money because of parents divorce)

Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): First Generation College - my dad completed high school and my mom barely did any school (immigrated from an Asian country)


Strengths: Test Scores and Teacher Recommendations

Weaknesses: I have barely any ECs

USC’s Honors College is my dream school! Please let me know my chances of getting in and what kind of scholarships I might get.

I also want to know of any schools that are a good match for my stats. I need pretty amazing merit scholarships though!

What major? Are you willing to go OOS?

@carolinamom2boys Thanks for the quick reply! Computer Science and maybe a double with math I haven’t decided yet! And yes OOS is awesome so long as the merit aid is good.

Look at University of Alabama. My son is also looking at CS and is looking at Clemson and CofC. If you don’t mind a small school, look at Wofford College. It is a private school in Spartanburg. You would get a lot of 1 to 1 attention because it is a small program. When we spoke with CS chair, he stressed that their CS is more like a computational math program. It’s a beautiful campus, and although it is an expensive private college, they appear to be quite generous with their merit aid.

Since your in SC, investigate Winthrop University. They are in Rock Hill and have an Honors program and are very generous with merit .