Chance me for @USC, Pepperdine, SDSU, UPenn, Cornell

Hi everyone, please chance me on my application and I’m a little insecure about my application, especially my ECs. Let me know what I can improve on :smile: (sorry this post is so long)


  • Asian female: Vietnamese/Taiwanese
  • Language: fluent in Vietnamese, Chinese, and English
  • In-state
  • Currently, a sophomore attending CA's community college. Wishing to transfer as a Junior, majoring in Business Admin Management
  • Not a legacy
  • No financial aid needed

CC Stats GPA:

Fall 2019: 3.75 ==> only took 12 units because some of my IB scores is transferrable

Spring 2020: 3.88 ==> Only have 12 unit cuz of the pandemic and I had to move back to Vietnam

Summer 2020: GPA 3.9

Fall 2020: I took more classes and so I think I got like 14-15

Spring 2021: Planning to have 18 units.

Current standing: Dean’s list

High School Stats (Did IB Diploma, 6 IB courses cuz I went to a private school)

  • IB Total: 33

==> I know it’s not the best compared to many IB folks, and I don’t know if I should report this at all.



  • Student-athlete for a year (Women Basketball)
  • Business honor societies ==> Alpha Beta Gamma
  • Internship at Vietnamese top 1 e-commerce corp for 3 months => I worked in the Marketing department
  • Director of PR at my CC's student government for a year (ending soon)
  • Member of Vietnam YPO Next Generation. ==> it's a global group of Citigroup's that connects peers to networking at social and business events or through Forum.
  • I have a license in a California Resident Insurance Producer
  • Content writer for an Airbnb property owner for 2 years.
  • Every summer, I would volunteer and work at a furniture company. I was a quality check worker.
  • Volunteer in several projects that helps to fundraise for the orphanage, unprivileged kids, or low-income seniors.
  • Worked at a boba shop for 3 months.

In HS:

  • Captain of Women Basketball Team
  • Represented my school to compete for soccer & basketball internationally with other schools. 3rd place overall.
  • Pres of the photography club
  • GIN Member (Global Issue Network), an advocate for sustainability and environment conservation.
  • Volunteer in a project that helps orphanages, built houses for the poverty area.
  • Volunteer to tutor Chinese to primary kids
  • Awards: Sportswomen of the Year for 2 consecutive years. Junior & senior.