Chance me for USC please

<p>so right not i'm a junior in high school
i moved to US last year for my sophomore year
my unweighted gpa is 3.96
weighted gpa 4.3
In the top 5% of my class (class of 434)
i have taken 4 ap classes but if you add the ap classes that i will take next year , it's gonna be 8 or 9 ap classes
i will graduate with 32 credits when everyone else with 24
work at target , i'm a good employee
have done volunteer works such as tutoring math to the kids in middle schools
are in clubs such as : NHS ( national honor society ) , Pink ribbon , environmental club , German club , SADD , and interact club ( which you do volunteer works for poor people and pets )
Founder of a club in my school , named Paws and Claws (for pets)
and i'm the secretary of SADD club
gonna run for the president of German Club
For volunteer work , going to volunteer in a hospital and a pet shelter in the next 2 weeks
Played piano ever since I was 5
studied french and arabic for 4 years
I also know farsi since it's my native language
ap classes:
physics b
calc ab
got 5 on the one already taken the test for</p>

<p>My goal for ACT is 31
Can I get into USC? (uni of southern california)</p>