Chance me for USC, UCLA, Caltech and Westmount (CS)

Greetings! My name is Truman and I currently attend a private college preparatory high school in Los Angeles. Here are my stats
Freshman year: World History, Honors (French 2, Algebra 2+Trig,Physics) Intro to Programming, English 1, IOS App and Game Design
Sophomore year: AP European History (4/5), AP CS Principles (5/5), Honors (Precalc, French 3, Chemistry, English 10)
Junior year: AP US History (4/5), AP CS A (5/5), AP Bio (4/5), AP English LAng (5/5), AP Calc AB (5/5), Honors French 4
Senior Year (In Progress): AP Gov, AP Calc BC, AP English Lit, Honors/Advanced Topics in CS, AP French 5, AP Physics C: Mech.
GPA/Class Rank:
4.3 Weighted GPA
Class Rank:1/105
ACT: 36 Comp Score
SAT: 1580 Comp Score
SAT 2: MAth Level 2 (800), Physics (800)
1,490 PSAT Comp Score
LOR’s and Essays:
Robotics coach (Probably very good because he’s a family friend and has known me since I was in diapers.)
AP CS Principles and A teacher (Another strong LOR because I was her best student and her TA for a semester last year)
Calc teacher (He attended Caltech for CS+Math and recommended me to apply there. It is probably another strong one)
Essays were strong and reviewed by my mom (Who is also my AP Lit and Lang teacher and also attended USC)
EC’s and personal projects:

  • FRC Robotics team Code Team lead for 6 years in a row. My dad is the assistant robotics coach and our crew made runners up in the Southern California competitions for the past 4 seasons but last year it was cancelled due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.
  • Basketball starting point guard for 4 seasons. Our last season record was 28-8.
  • Varsity XC and Track. 4:49 Miles time this season.
    I’m also a National Merit Scholar Semi Finalist

Colleges that I’ve applied to:

  1. USC CS (I’m hoping for a merit scholarship, Presidential maybe even trustee. My parents both met at USC and so I’ve been a USC Trojans fan since I was a baby.)
  2. UCLA CS (I’ve heard that its a good program and its my gf’s top choice)
  3. Caltech CS+Math (I hope to maybe get in but USC is my top choice.)
  4. Westmount in Santa Barbara is my safety (because it’s a good school and I’m already accepted there for CS.)

UC GPA’s? GPA Calculator for the University of California – RogerHub

You have excellent test scores and a great profile unfortunately the UC’s are test blind. UCLA should be considered a Reach school regardless of your qualifications and especially for CS. You are very competitive so only time will tell. As long as you are happy to attend Westmont, getting into the rest of these Reach schools would be icing on the cake.

Best of luck.

@Gumbymom 4.37 Weighted and capped GPA. Thanks so much!

@Gumbymom Should I apply to any other CS programs? I’m considering Berkeley’s L&S and SCU’s CS program in The Silicon Valley area.

The UC application deadline is closed as of December 4. The Cal states have an extended deadline to January 15 so Cal Poly SLO might be a good option along with SCU

@Gumbymom Ok! I’ll apply there right now! what do you think of my chances for USC and Caltech?

I think you are very competitive for both. USC seems more likely than Cal Tech.

@Gumbymom Do I have a shot for financial aid / a merit scholarship at USC?

What do u think?

Did you apply for USC by December 1 deadline for the best chance at those scholarships? Yes, I think you have a chance.

Also, the Cal Poly SLO deadline was December 15. Some Cal states did extend their application deadline but not the SLO campus sorry for the misinformation.