Chance me for USC?

<p>I'm only a sophmore right now, so I dont have any test scores.</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA (freshman year): 3.8
Weighted: 4.3</p>

<p>Classes I'm taking/have taken so far:
Latin 1-3
Swimming P.E.
Honors English 9(th grade)
Honors English 10
Honors World History 10
Honors Chemistry
Honors Physics
Honors Algebra/Trig
Honors Pre-Calculus
Freehand Draw
MAT CC (digital art)</p>

<p>Next year I'm going to be taking all the AP classes available, and I'm going to be in ASB.</p>

<p>I'm in an art academy (VADA),
I'm planning on having 300+ community service hours by the time I graduate. So far I've gotten hours by being a Teacher's Aide and by volunteering at a camp for children with Asthma,
I write for the school newspaper,
I'm in International Club and the Journalism club,
I was on JV swim team last year (hopefully varsity this year) and I'll be doing swim until senior year,
I won a MESA science competition in Junior High,
I qualify for CSF and NHS</p>

<p>last year I my class rank was something like 20-30/about 250 (I don't really remember)</p>

<p>I'm 16, female, half white half Filipino, and live in Southern California (if that makes a difference.) I want to be a dentist, so I would be trying to get into pre-dent</p>

<p>So are my chances looking good so far? And what can I do to make them better?</p>