chance me for UT Austin transfer Fall 2017 admission?

Applied for Fall 2017 admission. I have only been in college at Texas State University for one semester, but took so many AP classes in high school that I am at 37 credits (53 after spring 2017 semester).
I am applying for COLA with a degree in Government.
I have three LOR, one from an AP History teacher with a graduate degree from Duke, one from a Texas State Honors professor with a doctorate from UT, one from a professor with a doctorate in political science. I want to be pre law.
My father went to UT for law, and has alumni status.
My GPA is 3.77 (3.75 transfer GPA)
I have lots of high school extracurriculars (junior board member for UIL congressional debate, a German foreign exchange, German historian, theatre, national thespian society, AP Scholar with Honor, etc.)
I also have college extracurriculars (Texas state democrats, gymnastics club, AMA, Texas State Honors College)
I wrote three essays (2 required, 1 optional), and one of the three is about a horribly painful and difficult event in my life.

This is for Fall 2017 transfer admission at UT Austin. Also, when do transfer decisions generally get released?

I jusst want to tell you that the average admitted GPA for Fall 2016 is 3.72. You meet GPA requirement, so you have a gôd chance to get in. I think that your chance is about 70-80%.