Chance me for UT?

UT is so unpredictable but I was wondering if anyone has any predictions for me. I live in Texas but my high school doesn’t rank nor would I be in the automatic percent.

-I applied to engineering before the priority deadline
-My grandmother’s best friend is on the board of regents and she put in a good word for me. Not sure how much this will actually help. Does anyone know?
-35 ACT
-very rigorous high school but low gpa (more info on that below)

  • i think my essays are quite good
    -Neither of my parents have a college degree, but my mom went to college for like 2 years before withdrawing (btw, will this qualify me as 1st gen? or no?)
    -solid resume (I’ll attach below)
    -I’ve started a small business
    -I am an internationally ranked water skier (strange, I know but they have a waterski team. not sure if this helps my chances)
    -Taking AP AB calc, engineering, and genetics this year and I have gotten A’s and B’s in all sciences so far.
    -Took precal as a sophomore and did very very poorly, but I retook it Jr year and got an A
    -Not sure how important this info is but I am white, middle class, female, gay, and I have severe ADD

So my high school is an extremely rigorous prep boarding/day school. It consistently gets ranked in some of the top private all-girl schools in the US. I have a 3.0, which sounds very low. However, I have an upward trend. I had untreated ADD fresh/part of soph year and had horrible grades. I turned it around late soph year and have gotten like a 3.3-3.6 ever since. I just really hope that the school takes into consideration that I have matured as a student and managed my ADD and my old grades don’t really reflect what I am capable of. Also, that my school is very difficult, we don’t weigh GPA’s, and it is difficult and rare to get a high GPA there. I wrote my essay about this and about how I learned to make the disorder work in my favor.

I’ll paste in my resume. Also, if anyone has suggestions on changes I should make to my resume, please let me know.

National Merit Commended Scholar / 2015
Headmistress’ Honor Roll List / 2015
National Spanish Exam Gold Medal Recipient / 2015
Commended Honor Roll List / 2015
Commended Honor Roll List / 2014

-GCE Jewelry, Founder and Co-Owner / 6 hrs. per wk. / 40 wks. / Oct 2014 – Aug 2015
Founded and co-owned jewelry business. Designed, handcrafted and marketed products, set up Etsy account and company website, sold products online, hosted trunk shows, sold lines to retail vendors in Dallas, Calabasas, and St. Louis, and managed funds & donated portions of proceeds to local charities.
-Documentary Club, Founder and President / 2 hrs. per wk. / 8 wks. per yr. / Aug 2014 – Present
Founded and grew club to 70+ members, coordinated club votes to select documentaries, and held screenings and discussions over each film.
-Senior Class Hallway Haunted House Co-Chair / 10 hrs. per wk. / 8 wks. / Sept – Oct 2015
Elected to three-person committee. Organized grade-wide vote on theme, assigned 120 classmates characters, compiled informational slideshows on theme and presented in grade-wide meetings, drafted blueprint for each hallway, managed budget, coordinated decoration night, and constructed wooden archways and decorations for the building.
-Stanley Korshak, Part-time Assistant / 6 hrs. per wk. / 10 wks. per yr. / 2012 – Present
Assisted employees by composing invitation lists, entering data into spreadsheets, designing ads, running errands & gift wrapping items.
-Guitar, Musician and Instructor / 7 hrs. per wk. / 52 wks. per yr. / 2006 – Present
Self-taught guitar, bass guitar & classical guitar, gave private lessons beginning in 2014, performed at school events.

Internationally Ranked Water skier / 8 hrs. per wk. / 40 wks. per yr. / 2005 – Present
• Maintained a Top 10 Overall (3-Event) National Ranking / 2007-Present
• US National Championship Jump Event Bronze Medalist, Girls 3 Division / Aug 2015
• South Central Regional Championship Trick Event Bronze Medalist, Girls 3 / Jul 2015
• Competitor in 56th Junior Masters Invitational Tournament / May 2015
• US National Championship Jump Event Gold Medalist, Girls 3 / Aug 2014
• US National Championship Overall Silver Medalist, Girls 3 / Aug 2014
• Texas State Record Championship Overall Gold Medalist, Girls 3 / Jul 2014
• South Central Regional Championship Jump Event Silver Medalist, Girls 3 / Jul 2013
• South Central Regional Championship Slalom Event Silver Medalist, Girls 3 / Jul 2012
• Pan-Am Championship Overall Silver Medalist, International Junior Girls / Nov 2011
• Pan-Am Championship Slalom Event Gold Medalist, Int. Junior Girls / Nov 2011
• US National Championship Overall Gold Medalist, Girls 2 / Aug 2011
Junior Varsity Lacrosse Team / 6 hrs. per wk. / Spring Trimester 2013

-Embody Love Organization, Club President / 2 hrs. per wk. / 20 wks. per yr. / Jul 2015 – Present
Became president of chapter after two years of club participation & grew it to 60 members, conducted meetings, attended organization-wide summits & led projects on campus.
-Wesley Rankin Center, Teen Board Member / 2 hrs. per wk. / 10 wks. per yr. / Jul 2015 – Present
Attended meetings planning events & organizing donation drives. Tutored in after school program & volunteered at events. Led engineering project to improve safety of building.
-DeGolyer Elementary, Tutor / 2 hrs. per wk. / 15 wks. per yr. / Aug 2015 – Present
-Sudie Williams Elementary, Tutor / 2 hrs. per wk. / 10 wks. per yr. / Aug 2013 - May 2014
-Meals on Wheels, Delivery Volunteer / 2 hrs. per wk. / 4 wks. per yr. / Jun 2013 – Present
-Readers 2 Leaders Organization, Tutor / 2 hrs. per wk. / 10 wks. per yr. / Aug 2012- May 2013

I will chance back all commenters!

in what way are the ut admissions weird? I applied with a pretty good gpa, but a much lower ACT score than you. Btw you’re fine relax instate with your test scores and an essay explaining your case and have an upward trend youll be fine