Chance me for UVA and UNC (I'll chance back!)

<p>9th grade</p>

<p>Hon Biology
Hon Algebra 2
Hon English
Hon World History 1
Spanish 2

<p>10th grade</p>

<p>Hon Chemisty
Hon Geometry
Hon English
Hon World History 2
Spanish 3
Hon Health Science Exp </p>


<p>Hon Physics
AP Chemistry
AP Statistics
AP English Language
College US History
Hon Spanish 4
Hon Trig</p>

<p>12th (This year)</p>

<p>Dual Enrollment EMT
Hon Spanish 5
Intro to College Composition
AP Environmental
AP Biology
AP Calc AB
AP Government
EKG Certification class</p>

<p>I had a bad first 3 semesters of high school and my grades were mostly B's. (Never got lower then a B) The last semester of sophmore year, I got all A's and 1 B in Geometry. I got 4 A's and 3 B+'s first semester of Junior year and finished with all A's the second semester. </p>

<p>GPA: 4.1 (weighted)
Class rank: 66 out of 493
ACT Score- 28 (going for a 32 in september)
SAT 2s- 780 in math 1 and 750 in math 2</p>

25 hours at orthapaedic office
25 hours at annual lacrosse event
60 hours at local hospital
40 hours with sports director
25 hours at Pediatrics office</p>

Varsity Club
Mu alpha theta
4 years outdoor and indoor track (All district)</p>

<p>Virginia Resident</p>

<p>As you can see, my rank is not in the top 10%, but i think if the first semester of my senior year is looked at by colleges, I will definately be there. Do colleges look at the first semester or not? Because that would help me a ton.</p>


<p>Those are some really hard schools to get into. UVA and UNC don’t play when it comes to admission. These school require students to have high SAT/ACT scores, good grades, focused EC’s and etc. One thing I like, is that your EC’s are really focused and it shows that you have a set goal. Another thing that catches my attention, is your ACT score. You need to get your ACT score in the 30’s, and it’s good that you have a plan. Right now, I think you have a very very little chance at these schools. But with hard work, I think your chances will increase. But, remember, make sure you have some safety schools. Good luck :)</p>