Chance me for UVA, NYU, and UChicago

<p>I am a senior in high school and am applying regular decision to all of these from out of state.
Here's my basic resume:</p>

<p>Gender: Male
Race: Caucasian
Unweighted GPA: 3.916
Best Composite ACT: 30
Best Composite SAT: 1900
School Type: Magnet School
School Size: About 240
Class Size: About 50
Class Rank: Our school eliminated class rank besides the top 10, and we don't find out until the spring, but I would gauge that I'm in the top 15-20%.</p>

<p>24 Honors/AP/Dual Enrollment Classes out of all 32 classes that I've taken.
-Made a 4 on the AP European History Exam (Junior Year)
-Taking AP Literature right now and expect a 4 or 5
President of Government Club (held since Junior Year)
Floor Leader of Government Club (Sophomore Year)
Founder and President of The Flock (Student Cheer Organization)
Represented my school at Boys State (1 of 2 people)
-Elected State Representative at Boys State (Summer 2011)
Participated in both Model United Nations and Youth Legislature for 4 years
-Outstanding Delegate at Model UN from 2009-2011
-Alternate to CONA (Conference on National Affairs)
National Honor Society (Since Junior Year)
Theatre Department (Freshman and Sophomore Year)
-Won Outstanding Male Performance for both productions I acted in.
Yearbook Editor (Senior Year)
Forensics (Sophomore Year)
Soccer Team (Freshman, Junior, and Senior Year)
Track Team (Sophomore Year)</p>

<p>Volunteered for Set Construction for the Theatre Department (all of high school)
Volunteered at my local public library (Junior and Senior Year)
Volunteered on an Eagle Scout Project (Freshman Year)
Total hours: 40</p>

<p>I held a job as a dishwasher at a restaurant from June 2010-June 2011 and was let go because the restaurant closed down.
From July 2011-October 2011, I worked for an online business by doing inventory and helping market the company's products on as well as their own website. It was a temporary position, and I was let go when all of the products had been uploaded.</p>

<p>Other random things:</p>

<p>1) I was voted Most Talented in my grade.
2) I'm my school's student announcer for a daily news segment that we air on TV.
3) I proposed the idea for a Film Festival at our school which was put into action this year and raised about $600.</p>

<p>Chicago's a reach school for me, but the other two are a little more reasonable.
I appreciate honest feedback.</p>

<p>First of all, go with your ACT, and UChicago superscores, so your superscored composite may be higher for UChicago, which means: Higher chance at getting in.</p>

<p>I'd say low reaches for NYU and UChicago (depending on how much higher your composite will be once you superscore it.)</p>

<p>Chicago superscores?? Didn't know that. haha Well I have a 31 superscore which is somewhat better.
So are you saying that UVA is pretty attainable for me?</p>

<p>UVA - Match/Low Reach
NYU - Low Reach
UChicago - Mid Reach</p>

<p>I think you have an especially good shot at NYU and UVA to be honest.</p>

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<p>Bump up the jams.</p>

<p>UChicago is a reach, NYU could go either way, but I think you'll do well for UVA</p>

<p>Punks bump up to get beat down.</p>

<p>Bumped Up Kicks.</p>

<p>For UVA you seem to have a pretty good shot with those ECs and GPA. NYU I don't know about, but UChicago you might have a tougher shot. The valedictorian of my class with ~10 APs (all 5s) before entering senior year got deferred, but he also didn't have much ECs. You should definitely have a shot though.</p>

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