Chance me for UVA, U-Mich, Emory, UW-Madison, etc.!

Rate my chances for the following colleges & feel free to suggest anything else!!

Possible Colleges: Boston College, Ohio State University, U of Florida, U of Michigan, UNC Chapel Hill, UPitt, UVA, University of Wisconsin-Madison, William & Mary, Virginia Tech, Emory University, UT Austin, Case Western Reserve University, Wake Forest

Extraneous Details:

- State of Residence: Virginia

- Race: Asian

- Track: Pre-Med

- Possible Major/s (idk which one yet): Biological Sciences, Psychology, Statistics, Philosophy, or Biomedical Engineering

- From 8th-10th Grade I dealt with enormous amounts of personal issues including 3 deaths in 1 1/2 yrs, property issues, family tensions, etc. This caused me to not only gain responsibility outside of school but took a toll on my grades in 9th & 10th grade.


Weighted GPA (before I apply to college): 4.04

Weighted GPA (When I end HS): 4.22

AP’s: AP World (4), AP Comparative Gov (5), AP US Gov (5)^, AP Macro (5), AP Psych (5), AP Lang (5), AP Calc AB (5), AP Calc BC (5)^, AP Stats (5)^, AP Bio (5)^, AP Chem (5), AP Physics 1 (4)^, AP Environmental (5)^

DE Courses: Took 7 IT/Cybersecurity DE Courses & DE Literature

Class Rank: School doesn’t rank

SAT: 1540

Teacher Recs: AP Psych Teacher (8/10) AP Econ Teacher (8/10)

Essays: (9/10)


  1. County-based Public Health Club: 10-12th, Founder/President
  2. STEM Education NPO: 9-12th, Founding Executive Director
  3. Science National Honor Society: 11-12th, President (12th)
  4. Biology Olympiad: 10-12th, Treasurer (11th), Co-President (12th)
  5. Medical Club: 9-12th, Secretary (11th), Activities Director (12th)
  6. Socioeconomics Laboratory: 11-12th, Research Fellow
  7. Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health: 11-12th, Student Researcher
  8. Summer Residential Gov School for Agriculture: 12th, Nutrition Student Researcher
  9. Neuroscience NPO: 10-12th, Director of Department
  10. Oncology NPO: 11th-12th, Director of Department


  1. HOSA (11th): States - 6 Awards (5 are Top 5 finishes) (1 is Barbara James Service Award - Gold) /// International Qualifier
  2. Chemistry Olympiad (11th): National Qualifier (Top 6% in Country)
  3. Science Fair (11th): 2nd in Regionals, 3rd in States, Received Organizational Awards from different companies
  4. Presidential Service Award (11th): Gold
  5. Socioeconomics International Symposium (11th): 1st Place out of 30 Teams

can you elaborate on the stem NPO? how much of an impact did it really have?

Well, I don’t want to give too many specifics, but essentially it was a tutoring organization in which over 50 YT videos (70,000+ views and 200,000+ impressions) were made on STEM, productivity, SAT, etc. We ran a website and IG where we would post daily (facts, reminders, etc.). We also mentored 50+ individuals for college applications, standardized testing, school subjects, and more. Finally, something monumental was that we organized a one-month STEM immersion program for high school students with a lack of resources in STEM. That program was attended by 70+ individuals.

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Your HS GC and Naviance/Scoir will give you the best approximations of your chances. What do they say about UVA and W&M?

What is your unweighted GPA, core courses only? What is your budget? Have you run the net price calculators for these schools?

Have you already applied to Pitt? Applying ED anywhere? Do you have at least one affordable safety?

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Given all the OOS state universities you are applying to, can we assume that your parents are ready, willing & able to pay for college and med school outright? If not I would seriously reconsider them- maybe switch them out for some state universities that will give you merit.

Agree with @Mwfan1921 that an UW GPA is pretty relevant, and that your school Naviance/similar and GC are your best bets for predictions.

What does the ^ next to some of your AP scores mean- are they anticipated?

I noticed that you don’t list HOSA, or the Chem Olympiad as ECs, yet you participated at a level to get some solid awards for them. How did you have time to do that and found & run 2 orgs, while also carrying senior leadership roles in 5 more orgs? Even if ECs 3, 4 & 5 are not especially weighty, that’s still pushing the credibility meter.