Chance me for UVA?

I’m an OOS applicant from NC applied RD

SAT I (breakdown): 2060 (750 CR; 690 W; 620 M) (retook and did worse on the retake)

ACT (breakdown): 31, 32 superscore (33 E; 26 M; 32 R; 34 S; 31E/W (9 W))

SAT II: 560 Math II; 690 Biology M (I know these are not great)

Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0

Weighted GPA: 4.57

Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): top of 26 students

AP (place score in parenthesis): (5) APUSH, (5) WHAP, (4) AP Bio, (4) AP Lit
[limit to 1 AP sophomore year, 2 junior year (i took 3 though), and 2 senior year (also took 3, technically 4 since Spanish 5 is unofficially an AP at my school)]

IB: n/a

Senior Year Course Load: Hardest Available; AP Lang, AP Calc AB, H Physics (no AP available), AP Gov, Theology (required), Spanish V (technically AP Spanish Lang, although not called this due to AP limit at my school), Philosophy (required), Guitar (elective)

General Course Load: Hardest available all 4 years and maintained all A’s for at least 2 quarters each year, otherwise 1 or 2 B’s. Currently all A’s.

Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): AP Scholar with Honor, Clemson Sprints (Rowing) (2nd place and 3rd place), John Hunter Sprints (Rowing) (2nd place), Anatomy & Physiology (7th place, regional Science Olympiad), NC Science Olympiad Spirit Award, MIT NEST Award, Service Award (school level), Honors Diploma (school level)

College Experience: Stanford High School Summer College, took classes in Calculus, Outdoor Drawing, Feminist Literature, and Cardio Dance. I have received all A’s and can submit transcript if recommended.

Extracurriculars: Varsity Rowing (3yrs until team moved far away), Science Olympiad (founder, president, head coach for 4yrs), Tutoring (independent for 4yrs), NHS (president for 2yrs, 3yrs on NHS), Ambassador (school representative for incoming students for 4yrs), Honor Council Member (jury for violations of school’s honor code for 4yrs), Fall Play (supporting actress just this year)

Job/Work Experience: n/a

Volunteer/Community service: Tutoring (I spend a lot of my free time doing this, and I help kids from all grades in my school and anyone from outside of school that’s referred to me (like siblings) as well as in every subject), NHS (we do fundraisers for the Levine Cancer Institute, I drive down to drop off donations and other things)

Summer Activities: Stanford High School Summer College, Wake Forest University LENS Global Sustainability, NYLF: Medicine at Chapel Hill, traveling to Poland (family there), Canada (family there), UK, Iceland, France

Essays (rating 1-10, details):
Common App: 10, about how I chose my own name when I was a baby and why that name is a part of who I am (mostly about how I actively seek change and defend people), quirky, very me, everyone who read it loved it and thought it sounded like me

College of Arts and Sciences What work of art, music, science, mathematics, or literature has surprised, unsettled, or challenged you, and in what way?: 8, talked about how i went from germaphobe to aspiring immunologist, including how i did a project on super-bacteria for the Honors Diploma (required 100hrs of research and elected to do 20-min documentary, also presented to a board of staff members and community leaders).

General Describe one of your quirks and why it is a part of who you are: 7, talked about how i love calculus and trust math more than religion even though I am religious

Recommendations (rating 1-10, details):
Teacher Rec #1: 10, from my advisor and english teacher at school. she’s basically my best friend even though she’s a teacher and she’s like my second mom. waived right to view but she told me a bit about it and it sounded very good. she’s also known me for 4 years.

Teacher Rec #2: 10, from my history teacher. he’s been a mentor to me for all of high school and he’s an amazing writer. we had a rough start and then became close and developed a sense of respect for each other, so its a different opinion and a good way to see how I relate to teachers.

Counselor Rec: 10 or 9, my graduating class only has 26 kids and she knows me pretty well.

Applied for Financial Aid?: Nominated as a Jefferson Scholar

Intended Study: Biology, Human Biology

State: NC

School Type: Private Catholic High School; Hardest curriculum in Catholic school district

Ethnicity: White

Gender: Female

Hooks: small school’s second graduating class, small town, born in Canada, parents originally from Poland, naturalized US citizen, demonstrated interest in the sciences, honors diploma at school requiring thesis paper in super-bacteria

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this

Are you going to send your SAT I score? I think it’s bit low for UVA considering that you are OOS (and also your SAT2 math). But I think you have great ECs/Awards! GOOD LUCK!! :slight_smile:

@ekgracee423 My councilor recommended that I submit them anyway. I actually do a whole lot better on Math in the classroom than on standardized tests, and this is reflected in my transcript (all honors and accelerated math programs available and maintained almost all A’s, exclusively all A’s in senior year AP Calc AB)
Also thanks!!

Your stats look very similar to mine, but unfortunately I’m only a junior and can’t shed some light on my experiences on applying. I’m looking at UVA OOS as well. Good luck! I’m gonna bookmark this so that you can comment if you got in or not. I’d really be interested in finding that out so I know if I’m UVA caliber or not lol.

@cbow17 yeah I’ll be sure to let you know!

OOS for UVa is very tough.

25% or so, because your test scores are only so-so for UVA - everything else looks great.

@cbow17 I was waitlisted, but I chose to decline my spot on the waitlist because I’ve decided on the College of Charleston Honors College. I would still try if I were you, they had a record number of applicants this year so in your applicant year you just might get in! It never hurts to try :slight_smile: I’m rooting for you!

Sorry I’m responding to this incredibly late but thank you for letting me know! Also, congratulations on choosing where you wanted to go! Happy for you