Chance me for UW Madison, Univ of Washington Seattle, USC, and MSOE for CS

Hello! I’ve been on the forum for a few days and I’m ready to post
School type: Private, College Prep, Christian
Parents make 50-60k per year
Male, White, Autism (no IEP, Highest Functioning), Dual Citizen (Grew up in Brazil and I speak fluent Portuguese)
32 ACT (34 Math, 30 Science, 34 English and 30 Reading)
1,290 PSAT (Junior Year)
1,150 PSAT (Sophomore Year)
Prospective CS Major
3.9 UW GPA/4.6 Weighted GPA
Started at this school in 9th grade so that is why I eased into the curriculum
Freshman classes:
1 honors Geometry class, 5 College Prep classes, and Computer Programming
93%/A- Average for 9th grade
Sophomore classes:
Honors Algebra 2, Honors English, 3 College Prep classes, No AP’s
95%/A Average for 10th grade
Junior Classes: (Current)
Honors Precalculus, AP English Lang, AP CS Principles (Online), 2 College Prep classes, a teaching assistant for an Algebra 2 class, and an independent study where I’m coding games in C# with Unity
95%/ A Average for 11th grade
Projected Senior Classes:
AP Calculus AB, AP CS A (Online), AP Biology, Philosophy, 2 College Prep Classes

This summer I will be taking a college course at a local community college called “Python Programming”


  • FTC Robotics programming Lead (3 years and 1st place in WI State for all 3 years)
  • Varsity XC for 3 years (6 minute Mile times)
  • JV Basketball for 2 years and Varsity Basketball this year and next year
  • 8 Hour job per week at a sub shop for the past 4 years (Now a Shift Manager)

FA needed
Planning on applying to the following colleges:

  1. UW Madison (CS)
  2. University of Washington (CS)
  3. University of Southern California (CS)- Curious if I could get in
  4. MSOE (CS)
  5. UW Whitewater (CS) Safety

Thank you guys so much and sorry for the long post!

Anyone wanna answer? @PikachuRocks15 @DadTwoGirls

Okay, I will take a shot.

Are you in-state in Washington or Wisconsin?

I think that the challenge for the out of state public schools is going to be affordability. I do not see how you are going to be likely to be able to afford them.

Have you run the NPC on USC and MSOE? Are your parents okay with the results?

I think that you have a good list of schools to apply to. However, which state you are in-state for is going to matter for both admissions and affordability. With a family income of $50-60k affordability is going to matter quite a bit.

@DadTwoGirls Thanks for helping! I’m in state Wisconsin. The NPC for MSOE went well and USC’s was decently okay. I’ve accumulated dozens of scholarships for Autism that total at about 20k so it covers a good chunk but not enough of it yet.

So you are still a junior. I think you have a good chance to UW Madison, apply EA please. Good chance for MSOE. I don’t think you need to go to Whitewater.
I suggest you try Twin Cities instead of Seattle.

Seattle is too expensive for OOS applicant. And their CS program is very selective, don’t put too much hope.