Chance me for Vandy ED2 + Others?

For Vandy:

Major: Political Science/Communications

Hispanic Male

Academics: SAT: 2070 UW GPA: 3.4 Weighted GPA: 4.4 (Senior GPA 5.3) (From prestigious private school in South Florida)

Senior Courses: AP Macro AP Micro AP Human Geography AP Enviro Science AP Lit AP Stat School Newspaper
AP Exams/Courses: AP Macro AP Micro AP Human Geography AP Enviro Science AP Lit AP Stat AP Comp Pol (5) AP Lang (5) AP US History (4) AP US Gov (3)

Awards: AP Scholar With Honor National Honor Society Silver Award at Miami Dade County Writing Fair


Co-Founder of Miami Based Sports News Site: Created several sports rating systems and statistics, and wrote weekly articles several hundred articles written

Hillary for America Summer Intern: Interned for Southeast Campaign Finance Offices (Only High Schooler who interned there)

Sports Editor for School Newspaper and Online Publication

2014-2016 Head of Top Earning Team for DRI/JDRF Walk
2016 Tim Kaine Lunch Fundraiser Volunteer

Washington Journalism/Media Conference 2015

Delegate for 2016 Stanford Model UN Conference

2016 UNC Summer Sports Journalism Program

2 Week GW Sports Management College Program

Washington Journalism/Media Conference Youth Advisory Board Member

National Honor Society

Common App Essay: Very Good IMO (My AP Lit Teacher, Counselor, Tutor, Mom, Dad, and friends have all said it is really good) It is about my near fatal diagnosis with type one diabetes where my blood sugar was in the 800s where a lot of people go into comas, and how at first it was tough for me and how i often doubted myself, but with the support of family and the inspiration of my dad’s immigration to cuba and the cuban values he taught me, i never gave up. I turned it into an asset, volunteering, running, and participating in a lot of events to help the type one diabetes community.

Vandy EC Essay: Talked about my internship with Hillary, what I learned from it. Emphasized how that despite the divided country we have today, I can still love and respect people with different views (Talked about my family members who voted for the other side), however I would still argue and stand up for my beliefs till I die.

Letters of Rec:
One from my Physics Honors Teacher: I picked her because she is insanely nice person, and i have a good relationship with her. Although it was not my strongest class due to the fact physics relies a lot on sensory issues, which do not get along with my dysgraphia, I still ended up with a B+ in the class.
One from My AP Gov Teacher: She is a very talkative person who knows my interest in politics and knows about my ECs in that area.
One from my counselor who i also have a good relationship with.

Other Schools:

Wash U. St Louis
UVA (Public Policy)


UNC EA (Journalism)

Emory (Poli Sci)
Wake Forest (Poli Sci)
University of Michigan (Public Policy)

Boston U (Journalism)

Maryland Priority (Journalism)

University of Miami (Journalism/Communications)

GW (Journalism + Public Policy)