Chance Me for various schools


  • US citizen
  • State/Location of residency: NC
  • Type of high school: Public
  • Gender/Race/Ethnicity: Asian Male

Intended Major(s)
Computer Science or Economics

GPA, Rank, and Test Scores

  • Unweighted HS GPA: 3.96
  • Weighted HS GPA: 4.6731
  • Class Rank: 9 of 509
  • SAT: 1510 800M/710ERBW
  • ACT: 35 36M/35S/35E/33R


  • 7 AP Classes Taken/Taking Now: AP Statistics (3), AP Lang (4), APES (4), AP World (4), AP Physics (4), AP Bio (IP), AP Chem (IP), AP Lit (IP)
  • Dual Enrollment Courses:
    COM120 Intro to Interpersonal Communications
    HIS131 American History I
    MAT271 Calculus I
    MUS110 Music Appreciation
    ART111 Art Appreciation
    GEL111 Introductory Geology
    HIS132 American History II
    SOC210 Intro to Sociology
    MAT272 Calculus II
    ACA122 College Transfer Success
    CIS110 Intro to Computers
    CIS115 Intro to Programming and Logic
    CTI110 Web, Programming, and Database Foundation
    ECO251 Principles of Microeconomics
    PHI240 Intro to Ethics
    PSY150 General Psychology


  • Junior Marshal (Top 20 in Class)
  • AP Scholar with Distinction
  • NMSQT Commended Student
  • National Honor Society
  • Honor Roll (4 years)
  • Service Learning Diploma (300+ hours)
  • AMC 12 Qualifying Score for AIME


  • Math Club (President)
  • Student Government Senior Class Secretary
  • LLS Students of the Year Candidate
  • Top Band and Jazz Band (1st Chair for both)
  • Swim Team (7 years)
  • Science Olympiad Varsity Team
  • Quiz Bowl and Twelve Varsity Team
  • Tutoring (employed by the county)
  • Key Club (over 30 hours of service work)
  • New Arrivals Institute (logged over 150 hours as volunteer and will be intern this summer)
  • Luv Michael Autism Service Project (over 40 hours of volunteer work)
  • Research Project with multiple professors over the Summer of 2021 analyzing the WallStreetBets movement on Reddit and how if affected the stocks (not published)


  • Essays: Strong
  • LOR: Strong

Cost Constraints / Budget

  • Not a concern at this moment

there’s a lot i know :slight_smile:
NC State - EA
Duke - ED
Michigan - EA
Maryland - EA
UC Berkeley
Georgia Tech - EA
Caltech - EA
Carnegie Mellon - RD
WashU - RD
Any chance at Ivy’s or maybe any other top 30 schools?
I’d love any feedback on improving my application, as well as the general chances of getting into schools. Thanks!

First, I am of the mindset that cost is ALWAYS a concern! You need to have an idea if your parents are willing and able to pay $320K+ for 4 years of college - some can and some can not. Some families are what we call “donut hole” families, those who make too much money to qualify for need-based financial aid and have no way to write an $80,000+ check every year. A lot of students in that situation need a fair amount of merit based scholarships and you need to know if the schools you are considering even offer any (Ivies, for example, do not). If you need a competitive scholarship to make a college affordable for your family, it will be a reach. It changes the application process!

Second, you have a LOT of DE classes. If you are looking to get any credit for them to save time (or money), you really need to explore the policies at various colleges. Some don’t give credit for anything related to a major, some only give credit for those from in-state colleges, and some don’t give credit if they are taught within the walls of your HS by a HS teacher (but might if you leave school and travel to a local college).


Generally speaking, I doubt you’ll have an issue getting into either NC State or UNC (are you in Wake or Meck county?) These will both be fantastic affordable in-state options for you if your family decides that cost is a factor. We’re so lucky to have many great in-state options here in NC!

Duke always seems to be iffy for NC applicants since as a private, they’re not required to take a certain percentage from NC. I’ve seen more than a few qualified applicants from our HS get a no from them. Nonetheless, your stats definitely put you in the running!

Even though your stats are impressive, I don’t see any safeties or matches on your list (maybe Maryland and NC State would be likely/matches but CS is always a gamble). Many of the schools on your list will see applicants with similar stats (or better) to yours - they can’t say yes to everyone.


Run NPCs and talk with your parents about what they can afford.
UCLA, UCB, Georgia Tech will NOT offer any financial aid and are 65K a year.
NCSU, UNC are reasonable matches unless you’re in specific counties (research triangle, etc).
Your list doesn’t include any safety - find at least 1 affordable safety in NC and one more (in or OOS).
Add Northeastern and Case Western for a few more matches.


It’s scary to me that someone so accomplished has to ask their chances.

I think you can get in anywhere but of course in today’s world you also could strike out at many on your list.

I always wonder when people say their essays and LORs are strong…truth is you don’t know.

I am like others…you’ll get into NC State and UNC - much easier in state. So you might as well shoot for the stars on the rest.

The UCs won’t look at your 35 and you’ll get no money. So I’d remove and / or replace…maybe a more inexpensive Florida.

Why UMD? Great school but you have NC State. What I’m saying is ditch the OOS publics.

Econ will be an easier major but pursue what you want.

Good luck.