Chance me for Villanova 2026

I’m a junior and I might apply ed next year with a 3.7 w gpa, good ecs/recs and legacy. Can someone let me know if they got in with similar stats because im getting nervous since everyone’s stats are so high. Thanks!!

ACT/SAT: didnt take yet, taking in march
GPA: 3.7w, 3.4uw
Rank: school doesnt rank
Rigor (APs/honors): 4 college classes, 1 ap, and all college prep. very strong prep school in ny
Extras: varsity track all 4 yrs, leadership in 4 clubs, school newspaper, speech and debate, mock trial 200+ service hours
State Residency: ny
Ethnicity: white
Gender: female
Major: political science

So I know someone that got in with a 3.8 and that had legacy as well! Is political science part of the liberal arts college because she got into that school. I think you have a good shot since you have legacy, you aren’t applying to the business school, and your gpa is good. Update when you get you sat/act score and if you chose to submit. Good luck!

It was my daughter’s first choice, she got into honors (4.2 WGPA, 34 ACT, 9 AP’s, 4 years 3 varsity sports…) but she got zero merit, so it was off the table.

legacy only helps if you apply ED