Chance me for Virginia Tech C/O 2025

Can Someone chance me for VT?
In-State, Northern Virginia
Major: Biological Sciences
GPA 3.47 W (about to be 3.5 after this semester)
SAT: Math 720, English 650.
IB Diploma Candidate
SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT from Sophmore/freshman year to junior year (went from B’s and C’s in honors to all A’s and 1 B in all IB courses, GPA difference of 1.9)
Took 8 classes (regular is 7) junior year, all IB except for physics 1.
HL Subjects: French, Biology, History, Business
Good Essays

Forgot to mention, my county doesn’t rank or provide unweighted GPA

Check with your guidance office and see how your stats compare to previous applicants from your school. If they use Naviance, you should be able to see this data yourself. That will be your most accurate indicator. Everything else you see on CC is guesswork. Course rigor and trend could benefit you.

I do know Biology was highly competitive a few years back. May want to talk to councilor about best route to take as far as your application major to give you best chance of admission.

I did speak with him but he said he can’t give me much advice because he has never seen a case like mine where I improved so much in IB. He said if my grades were a consistent 3.4 I would have gotten rejected but since they’re not he doesn’t want to get my hopes up or bring them down.

So sounds like he things you may be borderline. Personally then I would probably stay away from putting Biology as your major coming in. Maybe a science department Undecided type major would give you a better chance. Check out the data on acceptance that VT has online to see acceptance to various science majors.

Already applied as a biology major unfortunately.

Never know. Can still turn out well.

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Can someone chance me for VT as well?
In-State, Northern Virginia
Major: General Engineering
Gpa: 3.95 W (will be 3.98 after semester)
Sat: Math 790 Reading and Writing 680
Great Improvement from Freshman and Sophomore year (freshman year GPA 3.79, sophomore year GPA 3.69, junior year GPA 4.56 with AP calc ab and AP bio with all honors.)
My senior year coursework is 4 AP and 1 DE classes with a regular computer math class.
I have some pretty good extracurriculars (online business, 2 computer science internships, peer tutor, organized a protest in DC, have a leadership position in MUN, and compete in competitive tae kwon do tournaments (won 3rd in a state championship).
I’m pretty confident in my essays, I would say above average for them. I’m pretty nervous because of my gpa and would really appreciate an honest answer for my chances at getting into tech engineering. I appreciate anyone that has read this far, thank you.