Chance me for Wake Forest??

UW: 3.84
W: 4.4
bilingual, immigrant
9 AP’s altogether
president of 2 clubs
won 5 awards at academic competitions
a part of many clubs at school for 4 years
varsity sport for 4 years
worked as a lifeguard
1310 SAT/probably not going to send
going to do the interview and do ED2

My son is a first-year at Wake and applied ED last fall. You have a great class rank (top 5%) and that is important at Wake. But they will also look at the strength of your school and weigh your rank in that context. Do most graduates matriculate to a 4-year college? Also - have you taken the most rigorous curriculum offered in most subjects? Last - You’ve mentioned ‘bilingual / immigrant’ - are you by chance an Under-Represented Minority? (That can always tip the scales in your favor.) Look forward to your reply.

Low SAT. Would recommend not sending.