Chance me for Wake!!

<p>Okay, here are my stats., and I want the honest truth! ;) (I'm really not sure how high my chances are anyways)</p>

<p>-caucasian/female/decent public school/Northeast Ohio
-First Generation College Student
-Unweighted GPA: 3.91
-Weighted: 4.0+, I'm really not sure of the exact number
-Ranked #4 or #3 out of 287
-ACT:29; SAT:1850(1260 V+M);sent in both, but i hope they ignore the SAT!
-Taken every Honors/AP/Advanced class offered at my school
-HS/College Partnerships: LCCC, U. of Findlay, Oberlin College (earned credit)
-Recognized at H.S's Academic Recog. Ceremony 4 years (denotes continuous honor roll)
-Academic "M" (academic letter; denotes at least a 3.5 GPA thru H.S.)
-Inducted into National Honor Society as a Junior
-Member of NSHSS(National Society of High School Scholars)
-Listed on the National Honor Roll
-President/Founder of the French Club
-Organized the French Exchange program at my school(just began this yr.)
-Played soccer(varsity 3 years, junior varsity 1 year)
-Off season: Winter-Indoor team; Spring-Rec
-Won the West Shore Conference Sportsmanship Award
-Relay For Life Participant/Team Organizer
-United Way Drive Day participant
-Volunteer at a local hospital
-Volunteer randomly at my church
-Instruct youth at at soccer camp every summer
-Coach a 5-6 youth soccer team
-Good Recommendations</p>

<p>I know I'm not a completely OUTSTANDING applicant, but is Wake Forest a reach??</p>

<p>As a well rounded, first generation college student with an outstanding class rank & GPA, and adequate SAT scores, I think that you are a match for Wake Forest University. Whether or not you are admitted probably will depend upon your application essays and teacher recommendations.</p>


<p>gpa really helps, but sat is a little weak (ACT should compensate slightly). I think you have a real good shot at wake.</p>

<p>low match IMO...good luck.</p>

<p>BUMP for the lastt time..I promise :)</p>

<p>they won't ignore your sat. No university does that.</p>

<p>well, yeah, i'm just hoping they'll look at my act scores because they're a slight bit better</p>


<p>BUMMMPPPPP! Anyone else?</p>

<p>Hello Stef, from a fellow Ohio WF applicant :)</p>

<p>I think you have a decent shot, but your slightly sub-par SAT score will definitely be scrutinized. At worst, it shows that you come from an inflated academic background (a 3.9 & 3-4 rank are terrific, but there will be applicants with the same credentials and 2200 SATs.) At best, they'll weight their criteria on the GPA. EC's look similar to mine, whatever that is worth XD
You definitely have a shot, but make sure you have a few back-ups just in case.</p>

<p>Best wishes in the coming weeks!!!!</p>