Chance me for Washington Schools

Obviously Lakeside’s the best, and my preferred, but not sure if I’ll qualify.
Apply: 11th

African American
3.78U (3.6, 4(Sem 1, 10th))
1600 SAT + 7/8/8
Willing to pay 1/2 of tuition based on low funds

Currently - all classes at an A, Pre-Cal MathLvl

Essays: Objectively superior (not a joke)
Recommendations: Just sufficient
EC’s: None particularly substantial, above-average coding, freelance web-developer, some community service and tutoring

Someone willing to help me with this?

Are you open to boarding school? Have you considered United World Colleges (UWC)?

did you get into Lakeside? your profile seems to be quite strong, 1600 SAT before end of 10th grade? that’s superior!