Chance me for Washinton U St Louis and some other top nothcers PLOX!

<p>Hi, this isn't actually for me but for a friend whos too lazy, goes based on wat he sent me. He wants to be chanced for:</p>

<p>Washington U St louis
Georgia Tech
Rice University
University of Michigan Ann Arbor
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
U Cali San Diego
John Hopkins</p>

<p>He has safeties but hes pretty positive he can get in...</p>

<p>Major: Biomedical Engineering
State: Illinois
Ethnicity & Gender: Asian male
GPA: 4.00 UW
Class Rank: 1 or 2 out of like 360?
Sat: 2270 (800 M, 750 R, 730 W)
Sat II
Math II - 800
Bio M - 790
Chem - 800
Spanish - 800
ACT: 34</p>

<p>Hes taken an extremely rigorous courseload, being ahead of his class in every area except English. He took like 11 AP Classes and 13 AP tests, all 5s except Euro History, a 4. He did take all the math and the Main science APs (AP Bio, Physics, Chem)</p>

<p>Hes taken a lot of courses outside of school - hes taken a lot of courses at a local CC and he took some at online high schools. A few of them were just pre-reqs for more advanced classes that he took at school, but a lot of them were completely unrelated - such as Philosophy courses and also a lot of Advanced Math at the U of I (Calc 3, Differential equations). Id say hes definitely accomplished academically.</p>

-Science Olympiad, hes medaled at state every year, and in numerous events. He showed a lot of dedication and was team captain Junior and Senior year.
-Math Team, Team captain Junior and Senior year, he was very involved, USAMO qualifier
- WYSE - A science and engineering competition in Illinois, he placed in Engineering Graphics and Design and Math at state.
- Varsity & JV tennis - 2 years of each, team captain as a Senior
- Swimming and Diving - 2 years varsity diver.
- Scholastic Bowl
- Key Club

<p>-Volunteering and Payed jobs
-Overall, a 100 hours or so a year since freshy year, at various places like libraries, senior care centers, hospitals, etc
- Worked at Kumon tutroing center
- Internship at U of I, worked in Chem and Physics labs over the summer
- Another, different internship at the U of I having to do with Water purification</p>

- RAP program at U of I one summer, 2 month payed apprenticeship
- WaterCamps, water purification science (a lot of chem), payed apprenticeship
- Georgia Tech Biotechnology Camp</p>

<p>-Rec letters
-I think hes gonna get a great rec letter from the Sci Oly coach and a few of his teachers because they know he was extremely dedicated to science and to the team...his counselor also understands his passion for science.</p>

-USAMO qualifier
-Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
-National Merit Finalist
-National AP Scholar
-Spanish Honors Society</p>


<p>Bump ~10char</p>

<p>He will have a very good application. With good essays and recs, he will have a very good shot at these schools.</p>

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<p>Thank you :), and im gonna chance you as well. </p>


<p>Most likely acceptance at Berkeley, Georgia Tech, Rice University, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Illinois, and UC San Diego</p>

<p>Son got into WUSTL with lower rank and slightly lower SATs.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, bump.</p>

<p>And soze, my friend asks how much lower SAT? If you remember.</p>


<p>The stats look pretty good. All these schools are either high matches or matches. I would say he has a good shot.
Chance me?
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