Chance me for WashU RD 2025

I applied to WashU Regular Decision, and I wanted to see if anyone could look at my stats and share their opinion! Someone from my school was just accepted ED, so I don’t know if that will impact my chances or not.
Applying for Biology
I have legacy, as my mom went to WashU
GPA: 4.2
ACT: 31 (Pretty low, probably won’t be submitting, but I did just take it again so if my score comes back as a 33 or higher I will submit)
Reading: 36
English: 33
Science: 30
Math: 25 (really low I know…)
Half Chinese half white female
7 AP’s 4’s on 4 exams taking 3 this year
Daughter of a first-gen immigrant, dad on disability after a car accident that left him paralyzed (which I talk about in my essay)
I am involved in a Pre-Professional Health Sciences Academy where we shadow in hospitals (not currently because of covid) and learn other medical skills

4 years of golf, 3 on varsity, Conference team champions in 2019 and individual medalist in 2019 and 2020
Vice President of National Honors Society- I’ve organized tons of volunteer opportunities for the school and in the community. (Black Lives Matter demonstrators in St. Louis, homeless shelter, families in my community, etc)
President and Founder of Cultural Immersion Club. Focused on spreading cultural awareness throughout the school and community.
President of a Feminist club focuses on education about women’s empowerment and raise awareness about social justice issues
Science Honors Society
Spanish Club
Medical Science Club
Link Crew
Special Olympics
Youth and Government
Piano for 10 years
Classical Ballet training for 14 years
Paid work at an Insurance Company
Like I mentioned earlier my dad is a quadriplegic, so I spend a lot of time with him doing physical therapy, taking care of bills and taxes, and day-to-day tasks for him.

I volunteer regularly (pre-covid) at a nursing home
I volunteered for the 2020 election

I received a school award for excellence in academics for physics in 2020
Summa Cum Laude honors

I have a pretty strong personal statement, and letters of recommendation from my physics and chemistry teachers.

I honestly doubt I will get in, but I thought I might as well try because my mom went there, and I live in St. Louis