Chance Me for Wellesley? (EE)

Hey everyone! EE results just came out and I got a “possible”. I don’t really know how to interpret this information, so I decided to reach out to all of you!! Here are my stats:

Major: Political Science
SAT: 1430 (700 Reading, 730 math) - I know it’s not my strongest suit.
GPA: W: 4.1 UW: 3.87
APs: APUSH, AP GOV, AP Physics, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, AP English Literature & Composition
My Schedule this year: AP English Literature & Composition, AP Calculus AB, French 3 & 4, AP Psychology, AP Environmental Science, Chamber Singers (highest-level choir at school)
Thespians (my troupe is affiliated with the International Thespian Society; I am the Historian. I’ve been involved since I transferred to my current HS halfway through freshman year; contributed 500+ hours)
NHS (got inducted my first year of eligibility, Executive Board member)
I work at Meijer (local grocery store-I work full-time during the summer and 15 hours during the school year)
Kids’ Food Basket (a local organization that provides take-home dinners to undernourished/underprivileged children. I volunteer there multiple times a week. We just established a farm where we grow our own produce to serve in the dinners. I’m also a member of their Youth Action Leadership Board.)
Student Council (got elected my senior year)
GSA- I founded the GSA at my high school when I transferred there. I had to attend a lot of meetings with the principal and school board in order for it to get approved, but it was worth it. I live in the most statistically conservative county in Michigan and our GSA has been able to do a LOT to encourage tolerance and acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals in our community.
Music-been in choir since freshman year, top level choir, playing piano for 10+ years
Voices- I co-wrote a play entitled “Voices” with my friend the summer before my sophomore year. It’s a series of monologues about the LGBTQ+ individuals in our community, and it was selected for performance at both the Michigan Thespian Festival and the International Thespian Festival.
Photography- I travel across North America photographing musicians in concert. I don’t have affiliations with any publications or websites, so I don’t have a press pass. My photos have been featured and used by some of the artists, including Alabama Shakes, Tegan and Sara, Post Malone, and Bishop Briggs. I wrote my Common App Essay about it.

Other opportunities: I attended a session of the Michigan House of Representatives with my local Representative, got to shadow her for a day

Demographic: white queer woman, legacies to UChicago (law school) and UMich (mother and two uncles)


Wellesley 100- I wrote about Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom I had met at the age of 11 through a performance with my choir. She inspired me to become a politician. I wrote about how I admired her strength and perseverance throughout her career. I also wrote about the Albright Institute and how it would benefit me. I also talked about Wellesley’s passion for liberal arts.

Colleges I’ve been accepted to so far: Umich Ann Arbor, Michigan State, Ohio State (full ride)

Well, as an alum in Michigan, I certainly want you to get in. You seem to have good stats and extracurriculars. It’s just really hard to gauge these days, since Wellesley’s been getting so many more applicants. It’s always a good idea to send a letter of continued interest to the school, especially if anything has changed for the better since you first applied.

Have you applied to other women’s colleges?

Yes! I applied to Barnard.

What do you think I should write about in the letter of continued interest?

Ok, my original comment has links, which is apparently a no-no. So if you google “what to include in a letter of continued interest”, the first couple of links seem pretty good.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep us updated!