Chance me for Wellesley please?

Hi! Can someone please chance me for Wellesley please?
I am applying for Biochem but will probably change majors.
I am an American and British Citizen who spent the first half of my life in England and the last ten years in Pakistan.

SAT Superscore: 1520
Math - 780
English - 740

SAT Subject Tests
Math level 2: 770
Chemistry: 770

100% merit scholorship at A Levels
Director’s Academic Excellence Award

Extra Curriculars:
Head Girl at school
Founder of Literary Society
Founder of bimonthly magazine for my school
Editor in chief
Peer teacher for chemistry
Internship at a fan manufacturing company
Tons of volunteer work

Good recommendations…and a well written essay.

On paper your resume seems quite competitive. Now, of course you realize that admission to Wellesley is extremely competitive for ALL applicants, so it’s a long shot regardless of your stats. Last year (class of 2021) was the most competitive year ever for admission to Wellesley. For reference:

I’ve shared this before, but it bears repeating…I recently had a discussion with the Dean of Admissions. She shared that the admissions committee rejects many extremely high-performing applicants because they just weren’t a “fit”…meaning that they didn’t see the student thriving in the Wellesley environment. So as you prepare, be introspective about why Wellesley would be a fit for you and be sure to convey that in your application.

As a backup plan, you might also check out some of the other women’s colleges that have slightly higher admissions rates (e.g. Smith, Mt Holyoke, Bryn Mawr).

Good luck!

Thank you soo much! It’s too late for a backup now, but fingers crossed :stuck_out_tongue: