Chance me for Wharton, Stern and other top business school (GPA 3.96/4.86 SAT 1560)

Male Asian rising senior in a public high school in Mid-Atlantic region wish to get into a top business school. SAT 1560, GPA 3.96 unweighted/4.86 weighted, straight A for 8 APs including micro/macro Econ, Calculus ABC, Physics etc (Top 5% in HS); 8-years of music instrument up to All-State for three years and 5-years at a prestigious regional youth orchestra; online business for two years with five-figure profit, administrator for an online business mentoring program; 6-months computer intern at a NGO; ~500 hrs of volunteer work in hospital music performance, local political campaign, online English teaching etc.; first chair in school band; school track team; triple-diamond skier/snowboarder. Assey focused on personal passion for business/entrepreneurship and community service. Please chance me for the business program in the following top schools:
UPenn Wharton
NYU Stern
CMU Tepper
UC Berkeley Haas
Cornell Dyson
University of Michigan Ann Harbor Ross
Georgetown McDonough
UT Austin McCombs

Many Thanks.

It’s possible but a reach for all - just how it is, not you.

For an elite safety, apply to IU Kelley. You are auto admit. It’s a safety.

Given your desire for entrepreneurship, you should check out #1 Babson too. It’s a likely / low match.

Gtown most likely to me and then depending on your math score - a 780 or 800 I’d say CMU.

An ED at some schools would help but unless you have a favorite and it’s affordable, then don’t. Is the goal some type of finance as a major / quant ?

Cost concerns ?

Ps - make sure you quantify your ECs. I’m not saying they’re not real but you’ll want to show, as you have with profit and hours, yea it’s all true without embellishment.

Good luck to you.

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Congratulations on your accomplishments. You have a strong record, and are a competitive candidate for all these schools. But since they’re all reaches, admissions can be unpredictable for a high stats unhooked applicant like you.

If one of these schools is your absolute top choice, apply ED to boost your chances (if they offer ED and cost is not a concern).

Which other schools with higher acceptance rates are you applying to? Which state do you live in?


Thanks a lot! I kept a spreadsheet of all my online business (~500 transactions) and revenues; SSL hours documented by the school. The goal is finance as a major + tech/computer minor. I have two IT certificates and interned at a NGO for 6 months as part of a school IT program. SAT math 800.

IU Kelley, GIT Sheller, Babson (kind of hesitate since it is only good for entrepreneurship), UIUI, Emory, UMD Smith (home state).

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All fine schools - and you’re incorrect on Babson. I mean, most entrepreneurship majors end up in corporate jobs etc. and you can tie a major to your interests.

That you have IU - you are protected. You’ll get into UMD but it’s not the safety IU is.

Ultimately, you and not the school will make your success. Sounds like you’re off to a fine start already.

That’s a good list. Balances well with your reaches, so I think you’re in good shape.
UMD Smith is a top 25 business program, so you’re fortunate to have it as your in-state flagship.

Good luck! I think you’ll do well.

The UCs are test blind so won’t see your SAT score.

To better evaluate your chances, could you please calculate, and share, your three UC GPAs (uw, capped and uncapped)? In the calculation, use grades from courses taken from summer after 9th grade through summer after 11th grade. For OOS applicants, the honors weighting is only given to AP courses

It looks like you probably have, but make sure you have completed the UC A-G requirements.

Is there a reason you don’t have USC on your list?


Thanks a lot for the info of USC - will take a look. Except a 0.5 credit Health course, all other courses (honor and APs) are A. I think school courses in general are easy for me, after many years of training in music.

Remember to apply to UMD CP early action. They take the vast vast majority of their freshman class in the early round. Great instate option for you!


That’s great, however please note that honors courses do not receive a bump in UC GPA for OOS students.

This is the first year that Haas will admit freshmen as business majors. Previously, they only offered admission via the GMP or MET programs. @gumbymom, have you seen anything about how many students they plan to admit into Haas as freshmen?

You might look into Berkeley’s MET program and see if it fits what you are interested in.

I have not seen any estimates on how many direct admit Freshman UCB plans to accept.

The admit rate data for 2022-23 Freshman class shows 404 admits for 4431 applicants that selected “Intending Business Admin” for the College of L&S.

For UCB Junior Level HAAS admits in 2022 (old admission procedure), they accepted 242 applicants.

Sure. Thanks.

Will do. Thanks!

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