Chance me for Wharton?

<p>Hey, just wanting to know what sort of a chance I have. I'm planning to apply regardless, but this should give me a rough idea of how I stack up. Thanks in advance. :)</p>

<p>Race: Latino (Brazilian; U.S. permanent resident)
GPA: UW: 3.84, W: 4.43
Rank: top 3%
SAT: 2150 (CR: 780 M: 680 W: 690)
PSAT: 210
SAT II: Math 2: 700, Chemistry: 690
ACT: 34 (Math: 29, English: 35, Reading: 36, Science: 36, Writing: 10)
Coursework: I'm taking full IB courses
(probably submitting the SAT and subject tests here, since the math score isn't as atrocious)</p>

Calculus AB: 3
Psychology: 3
US History: 4
Eng. Literature: 5</p>

Future Business Leaders of America (President & Founder, went to state competition)
Stock trading (independent, with fairly high profits over two years, I don't count this as work experience because it is a simulated account and I do not have the real money to invest)
Writing (independent, I write poems and short stories, with a novel currently on the way)
Literary Magazine (Editing Committee chairman for two years)
Honor Council (liaison between the club and the school administration)
Cross-Country team (JV member for two years)</p>

<p>Work Experience:
Worked for my parents' business throughout all of high school</p>

IB 'high honors with distinction' award given out at my school to a few students
National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar
Selected for the regional Youth Leadership Program (run by the city Chamber of Commerce)
AP Scholar Award
National Merit Commended Scholar
First student selected for the city newspaper's 'Student Spotlight' articles</p>

<p>Letters of Recommendation: Very good letters by my teachers, probably a fairly good one by my guidance counselor</p>

<p>Essays: My Common App essay has been regarded extremely highly by everyone who has read it. Grammar and vocab are top-notch. It's about how this novel has influenced my choice of career and brought about a desire to live in the city. My Penn supplement essay essentially has one paragraph about how I'd learn/contribute to the community in the classroom (I discuss my investing knowledge here some), one paragraph about how I'd be involved in EC's (I mention specific Penn organizations here), and one paragraph about how I'd utilize Penn's alumni network. Again, grammar and vocab are solid, but it doesn't have as personal a feel as the other essay. I'm currently working on that small optional essay, though if it ends up being unnecessary or weak I'll probably apply without it.</p>


<p>P.S. If anyone has the time to look over my optional essay in the next 1-2 days, could you let me know? Thanks.</p>

<p>Edit (since the edit button doesn't seem to be working on my original post): I am going to change the main Penn essay so that, rather than discussing the alumni network, I can talk about my plans to conduct research at the Wharton Financial Institute.</p>

<p>Also, other details that I forgot to include:
- Low family income (~50,000)
- I speak Portuguese fluently</p>

<p>I think you've got a fair shot, but who knows, especially in the Regular Decision round. Anyways, if you want, i'll take a look at your op-essay.</p>

<p>Bump bump bump.</p>