Chance me for Yale REA plz

South Asian male from Iowa

3.985/4 unweighted
35 ACT

Applying comp sci/bioengineering

Indian music (certified in music in India, given 50+ concerts nationally/internationally)
computer science thingy
tutoring disadvantaged kids (in comp sci, bio, chem)
tutoring stutterers through music
some med-related stuff (shadowing, volunteering at hospitals) and comp sci related stuff
Some clubs I was president of that meant something to me

Yale Book award
Finalist in state in a medicine-related competition
Our Quiz Bowl won a lot of tournaments at the state level
Placed good at TEAMS nationals (if that means anything lol)
Did well at nationals in computer science team competition
NMSQT, AP scholar, and some other stuff

I’m saying that 5 is dead average here for LORs to ivies
LOR 1: prolly like a 6
LOR 2: prolly like a 5
Supplemental LOR: prolly a 9

I’m trying not to overestimate myself in essays but I’ve put in a lot of time and effort into them. Especially supplements. I don’t think I could’ve written them any better than I did. I wrote my commonapp about the difficulties I’ve had to overcome to become a singer since I have a severe stutter.

Although I’m middle-class, I’ve gone through some family-related adversity, which I mentioned in some of my essays.

From your other post, I understand you’ve already submitted your application to Yale SCEA. Asking for a chance me won’t change your decision result either way----take this time to do something fun and work on your other applications for RD. Good luck!! :smile:


got deferred from yale but got into berkeley comp sci tho. So it ended up working out for the best!