Chance Me! Fordham EA 2025

I’ve applied to Fordham EA for the class of 2025 and I just want to see what others think my chance of getting in is. I’ve applied to LC Gabelli Business School and here are some of my stats:

GPA weighted: 3.8
Went Test Optional
Attend a Private School
Live in Indiana
Participate in Theater, Yearbook, Imrpov Club, and work part time
Good Rec. Letters
Strong Personal Essay about passion for fashion and business

What do you guys think?

Did you have any leadership positions in your clubs?

Most of my clubs did not have options to be a leader but I did have a leadership role in organizing my school’s Fine Arts Festival (I forgot to put that in)

What’s your UW GPA?

3.65 I believe

I think it would have benefited you if you had some sort of business related club to go along with your personal essay. I think having good rec. letters and a strong personal essay is a good sign. Did you volunteer anywhere or do community service?

Yeah, so I volunteer at the thrift store where I work as well and that’s where I’ve gotten some of my business experience.