Chance Me Foster Direct Admission

OOS Illinois
3.6UW, 4.17W gpa, Competitive Public High School
1540sat (740 math, 800 writing)
9AP courses, total 16 weighted courses

Average for a competitive applicant pool


Average - Slightly Above average for competitive applicant pool

Looking only at direct admit for Foster School of Business. Thanks!

If you have applied this year, they will not see your high test score and will only rely on your GPA, which might make it difficult for a direct admit. I guess it depends on your competition. But you only have to wait another month to find out!

Chancing this year with UW not considering SATs upfront is next to impossible. My son has the same SAT but scores inverted, and a 3.8 UW GPA. We are not overly optimistic about his chances for direct admit. Unfortunate b/c UW is probably his first choice, but again we will have to see what happens. Good luck, crazy times.