Chance me George Washington University ED11

Hi everyone! I really need your help here. I’m really counting on getting in.

Stats: 3.33 UW, 3.9 W GPA, SAT not submitting. Mix of regular and honors/ AP classes such as honors world, honors US, honors bio, honors English, ect. I’m not allowed to take AP until junior year and only 2 are available but I couldn’t take them because I am apart of my schools global studies program. Overall I’ve taken 6 honors and 3 AP. Senior year I have a 3.7 UW, 4.5 W in advanced calculus, advanced French, honors marine bio, honors film studies, AP Gov, and AP psych.

Recommendation from honors history and advanced French teacher. I go to an extremely good public school in MA, top 5 in the state. I also don’t know if this counts but my cousin, brother, and sister- in- law all went to GW.

Essay: talked about this really cool start up I helped create with my dad (sort of like uber but for gasoline) that is lowering carbon emission levels and is backed by congressman.


  • Class President (2017)
  • Varsity Golf, baseball
  • Job at local golf course
  • Head coach of two 7th grade basketball teams
  • Lead organizer (run by my family) for the childhood cancer awareness day at Fenway Park
  • Secretary of investment club
  • 2 years DECA
  • Member of NEPGA Jr. Tour
  • BBYO member


  • Ed Roony Sportsmanship award for basketball team
  • Award of excellence for school varsity golf
  • Award of excellence for school baseball
  • 3 year honor roll student

Please chance me, I’ve liked GW ever since I visited my brother 6 years back. I am very interested in law so my intended major is poli sci/ legal studies something around there.
Thank you and have a great weekend!

I checked naviance and a few students have been admitted with similar stats as me ED and RD but a couple have also been denied with similar stats as me.

is this newton public schools bc I felt that with the no APs until junior year, and I’m applying ED1 out of newton. Also my take is that extracurriculars have a lot of weight on admission into GW (from what I’ve heard). In terms of GPA, on naviance for my school it seems that most their accepted students have above a 4.2 weighted gpa, excluding two out of three total students who applied ED. I hope this is helpful since it sounds like our school use the same class/ gpa system.

@hello0024 Yes, I am from Newton! It seems on my naviance that kids have been accepted and denied with very similar stats as me so idk if I have a shot. Good luck!

I feel like I have good extracurricular such as Class President, youth basketball coach, a job, and 2 school sports/ won awards for each one but is it going to look bad that I don’t have any directly related to my major besides like Class President I guess? I do take classes and stuff that are connected to my intended major though.

@fenway1 Hi, friend! Were you accepted? I think you deserve it. Best of luck!

Hi! I did not get in and I’m pretty surprised. My GPA got updated to a 3.5 UW 4.1 W. Went test optional. 3 AP and a good amount of honors classes. Class President and 3 athletic awards. I don’t really know what went wrong but I still have a lot of schools to hear from. @AthDia

They said that there was a record number of applicants this year and my friend showed me an article where they are apparently taking more girls than guys so maybe that had something to do with it. @AthDia

@fenway1 What did you write about in general in your "why GW " essay? usually for ED they accept more than RD and do like the kids from MA. So I am surprised. Will have to see the CDA when it eventually comes out. I do know that this year they are admitting less than in previous years.

@sdl0625 I talked about a bunch of stuff but mainly how I would work with the connections I have to create this business plan that I developed for gas. It seems boring but I think it was good and creative. Maybe I didn’t get in because of my school? Last year roughly 60 applied and they accepted around 10.