Chance Me (Georgetown, Cornell, BC, etc)

Hi, I am a senior applying to colleges right now and am wondering if anyone could chance me with the following schools and stats!

Schools applying to: Georgetown (REA) Boston College (RD) Cornell (RD) Duke (RD) Brown (RD) American (RD) Case Western (RD but preprofessional for medicine) Ohio State (EA) UVA (EA) Richmond (EA) Northeastern (EA)

Stats: GPA: 4.0/4.0 (95.064 unweighted / 100.73 weighted) SAT: 1520 (740 english, 780 math) AP: US History (4), AP Language and Composition (5), AP Statistics (3), taking currently AP Calc AB, AP Biology, AP Literature, AP Psychology

ECS: Co President of Interact Club - volunteer club with over 70 members and have led many community based projects Co President of Future Medical Professionals Volunteer Online Intern for teaching students science in Nicaragua this past June and July (Outreach360) NHS, Science NHS (Secretary), Spanish NHS, Math NHS Member of the Tennis Team (9-12) Newspaper Journalist (9-12) Science League/Science Club (10,11,12) Peer Leader for new students at my school (selected for this opportunity) (11,12) Worked at local ski mountain as a children’s ski instructor for 3 years

Recs: I had a close relationship with my counselor so that one was prob good, got one from english teacher who I am very close with and my science teacher who is also an advisor for science club

Interviews for case western, georgetown, and richmond. All were pretty decent and nice conversations

Awards: National Merit Commended Scholar AP Scholar Student Athlete Award Award for 90s and aboves in all classes for 3 years

Essays: reviewed by a college counselor, all pretty good

Other: Legacy at Boston College and Cornell btw Not applying for financial aid I attend a public school in NJ White female majoring in biochemistry/human development/ human science

Good luck

Sorry I posted a long response and it was deleted.

Briefly. You are worthy of admission at all of these fine schools academically.

It will come down to the actual specific person reading your application and institutional needs.

Rea at Georgetown offers less of an ea advantage than others. Legacy rd helps but not the same as early rounds.

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As I’m sure you know, legacy at Cornell is a huge deal in ED but not as much in RD. Each year they take more and more of their class during the ED round and this year the rumor is they will be taking even more. That said, the rumor is also that they will be taking a larger freshman class because the sophomore class is much smaller and they are opening 2 new dorms that were supposed to be sophomore dorms that they may now be using for freshman dorms instead.

I have a Cornellian who loves it. If you have any questions from the perspective of a current student, feel free to message me. If you’re goal is to go to Med School, then my suggestion is to avoid Cornell for undergrad. I went through college and medical school with a spouse and now as a parent am seeing what these kids are going through and it is a totally different beast at Cornell than other schools. I am beyond happy that my daughter has no interest in medical school because I don’t feel that Cornell is the best environment for kids in that field and does more to help set them up to fail or stress than succeed with the number of weed out classes and lack of support for them. If you’re interested in something else, then it is awesome.

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Thank you for your input! I am interested in med school but am unsure as if it is exactly what I want to do. So as of now I am applying to the School of Human Ecology as a human development major because it is what I am most passionate in.

Human Ecology - Human Development is a good major for that from what my daughter says. :slight_smile:

You can definitely go to medical school and not be a Biology major or some other crazy major, so consider that so you can relax a bit, take the prereqs and you’re on your way! Good luck!

Also, at Cornell, not sure you know this or not. One nice thing is that your application is read at by the Human Ecology School, not by an AO generic person. So you’re not being compared to people applying to Engineering. Each School reviews their own applications.