Chance me- Georgetown?

<p>I'm a junior at the most competitive high school in my state.
GPA - 3.56 ish (trying to bring it up)
Practice ACT- 30
PSAT - 203 (CR 640, Math 700)
I'm taking ACT and SAT in the next few months, along with 4/5 SAT IIs : US History, Math, Lit, Bio, French (possibly)
and i want to study accounting</p>

<p>classes: IB diploma candidate
currently taking = Honors Physics, IB French SL, IB Econ HL, AP Calc AB, IB US History HL, IB Lit HL
may take an extra AP next year if schedule permits</p>

<p>ECs: Youth Group Secretary
French HS
VP of club for cancer
DECA nationals participant
received scholarship for deca states placement
Fundraising Coordinator for micro finance club
Spent a week building houses in new orleans
coach a 1st/2nd grade girls basketball teams
3-soon-to-be-4 years of a high school sport
Tutor middle school science, history and math
volunteer with special needs soccer, basketball and swimming programs
Lifeguard for 3 years, hope to work at another 2 pools this summer
will get an internship this summer
teach water safety skills to Girl Scouts
Helping run a middle school debate team, planning their school-wide debate for April
will hopefully compete again (and place) with irish tin whistle, irish flute, and singing
currently creating a non-profit organization</p>

<p>Georgetown is literally my dream, what else do I need to do??</p>

<p>Very unlikely with that GPA, and a 30 on the ACT and 2030 SAT aren't up to par either.</p>

<p>obviously I plan on increasing the sat to a 2200+...
i will bring up act also</p>

<p>It's pretty much impossible to give you an accurate chance with such a low (by Georgetown's standards) gpa and no test scores to counteract it. Are you sure it's a good idea to take so many subject tests when you're test scores haven't been so high? It might be better to take only 2 or 3 where you are confident you will get top marks. </p>

<p>If I were you I would:
1. Increase the gpa. A 3.7+ would be good if you can manage.<br>
2. Increase test scores (but really, a 30 isn't bad if that's where you score. You may be alright with this)
3. Focus ECs- your ec's are very diverse but it doesn't look like you're heavily involved in a few. It's more all over the place. Are there any ECs that can serve as a hook? You should build those up.</p>