CHANCE ME! Good mix of schools.

Hi all!
Please chance me:

Georgia Tech

I will probably major in ChemE.

3.81 GPA (weighted)
33 ACT
Rigorous course load: AP, honors, and world language.
I have founded an engineering club at my hs.
I live in Virginia.

Thanks in advance!

Your weighted GPA is low for UCB/UCLA and USC but your ACT score is on target. What is your Unweighted GPA? HS course rigor?

The UC’s have their own GPA calculation:

Post your capped weighted and fully weighted UC GPA.

Can your family afford $60K/year to attend the UC’s? They offer little to no financial aid to OOS students.

My unweighted is a 3.62, with 5 AP/Honors/Pre-AP courses.

I am planning on doing a lot of private scholarships.

How are my other schools looking?

3.62 UC GPA. Capped weighted

“Can your family afford $60K/year to attend the UC’s?”

To me this would only make sense if OP’s parents are very rich, or OP can’t get into the excellent public universities that are in-state in Virginia (in which case UCB, UCLA, and Michigan would seem unlikely also).

@zacklapin, you need to run the NPC on each of these schools and see whether your parents are okay with the results. You also should consider your superb in-state options.

UCLA/UCB are very GPA focused and if you are targeting Chem E, these schools will be a Reach. USC should also be in the Reach category due to a lower than average UW GPA. Since USC tends to be more holistic in their application review, essays, EC’s and LOR’s may help your chances along with you ACT score.

Freshman admit rates for UC GPA (capped weighted) 3.40-3.79 and not major specific. Expect Engineering majors to need higher stats than the average applicants.

UCB: 2%
UCLA: 3%

Not really a good mix in terms of competitiveness. They are mostly reaches.