Chance Me GW Transfer Fall 2020

I’m an oos female student applying to transfer from a competitive 4-year college (~30% acceptance rate) with 56 credits completed 7 in progress 3.72 gpa, but will have a 3.75 after this semester’s grades are finalized. I applied to the CCAS HSSJ major. I submitted an ACT score from high school of 32 and self-reported my AP test scores on the common app (5, 5, 5, 4, 3).

ECs: I only included ecs from college, not high school. I am the president of a mental health advocacy organization, included previous volunteer hands-on job with the homeless (3x a week for 7 months), participation in an a cappella group, employment in a zoo gift shop, volunteer with my school’s admissions office, and included my piano lessons and ensemble work. I also put that I was on the dean’s list twice

Essays: I did not submit the optional common app essay, but submitted the GW essay about if you could change the course of history- thought it was pretty good and connected it to what I want to do with my major at GW

Did not apply for fin aid. Recommendation is probably good, written by music theory professor from sophomore year of college

Also emailed my admissions counselor about my special circumstances related to W’s on my transcript (withdrew from full-time school for an HLOA)

Anyone have any thoughts?

@NHuffer tagging you just to see your thoughts ?

That’s a very impressive background, and it sounds like you’ve been doing well in college so far. I think your chances of acceptance are excellent!

Keep us posted :slight_smile:

Thanks @NHuffer! I will!