Chance Me (GWU, UMD, Northeastern)

I’m a current hs senior and my intended major is Public Health on the pre-med track.
GPA: 3.68 UW, 4.05 W
SAT: 1500, 1530 superscored
Subject tests: Math 2 (780), Biology (740), Chemistry (700)
ACT: 34
APs: 5
Psych (4), WHAP (3), Bio (4), APES (4), Microecon (4)
Honors classes: 6

AP Scholar with Distinction
National Latin Honors Society
2nd place at HOSA regional comp
Took online course with Harvard (passed)

Medical program at Rutgers
Internship at 2 pharmacies for 2-3 years
Internship at tech startup for a year (part of social media team)
Member of Science League (junior year only)
Chapter President of youth-started nonprofit (started this summer)
Founder and writer of publication on medium (website) - other writers part of it as well
Shadowed a doctor for a summer
Part of publicity committee for school’s Key Club (part of key club for 4 years)
Co-director of outreach for a research competition created by a youth-led nonprofit (started this summer)

Local Hospital (summer)
Senior Care Center (2 years)
Tutoring (started this summer)

Essays: decent

I’m planning to ED to GW.