CHANCE ME: Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, etc. (I will chance you back)

<em>I'm slightly skeptical about the privacy of the Internet, so I'll be as vague as possible while still including all the details (aka no company names, etc.) and I advise you all to do the same!</em></p>

<p>1) For each school I list, you must choose "Accepted," "Waitlisted," or "Rejected." Do not choose "Deferred" for early schools; predict what you think the final result will be.
2) Once I receive all of my results, I'll post them here.
3) Feel free to be as harsh or as generous as you'd like. If you think your best shot at winning involves predicting that I'll be rejected from every school, go right ahead!</p>

SAT I (breakdown): 2390 C / 800 M / 800 CR / 790 W (10 essay)
ACT (highest composite w/breakdown): n/a
SAT II: 800 Math II, 770 Chemistry, 800 Spanish, 790 Biology M, 700 Literature</p>

<p>Unweighted GPA (out of 4.0): 4.0
Weighted GPA: 4.5
Rank (percentile if rank is unavailable): Top 10%
AP (place score in parentheses): Chemistry, Literature, Physics B, US History, World History, Calc AB, Calc BC, Computer Science A, Bio (all 5's)</p>

<p>Senior Year Course Load:
AP Language
AP Stats
AP Physics C
AP Music Theory
AP Psych
Dance Elective</p>

<p>Major Awards (USAMO, Intel etc.): National Merit Semifinalist, National AP Scholar with Distinction, Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award, AP Scholar with Distinction</p>

<p>Minor Awards: Optimists’ Club Volunteer Award, Mayor’s Letter of Commendation, County Volunteer Award and Scholarship, St. Francis of Assisi Volunteer Award, (University Name) Trivia Bowl Winner, STEM Undergraduate Award, NHS, CSF</p>

Extracurriculars (place leadership in parentheses):
Tech Startup 1 (Web designer, mobile apps developer)
Tech Startup 2 (Web developer intern)
Nonprofit that develops/teaches curriculum to underprivileged students internationally (Director of Education)
Math Tutoring Organization (just to earn some gas money, not important)
Various Science Conferences
Undergraduate courses taken at Stanford and Harvard for credit
Diving (varsity captain)
Computer Science Club
Flute (National Flute Association Competition Winner, Winner of a few local competitions, ABRSM Practical and Theory both pass with Merit, Lots of bands/orchestras as principal flute, Performance at Walt Disney Concert Hall with orchestra)</p>

Tutoring Organization, SAT Writing tutor
Volunteer immersion trip
Organization teaching music to students in nearby underprivileged areas (President)
Organization teaching math to students in nearby underprivileged areas (Co-Founder, President)
Government office
Benefit concert performer
Organization teaching (language)</p>

<p>Important Notes: I have a ton of volunteer hours, and I focused one essay on that. I'd say my essays are generally very strong. I'm aware that I don't have THAT many EC's related to my major, but I wrote another essay on my childhood experiences as a "tomboy" and connected it to what I aspired to do in the future in that field as a girl. Also have an essay on what it is like to be from a family with handicapped people.</p>

Intended Major: Computer Science
School Type: Private
Ethnicity: East Asian
Gender: F
Income Bracket: Enough that I won't quality for any scholarships
State: CA
Hooks (URM, first generation college, etc.): Female in compsci (Harvard, my SCEA, is rapidly expanding its engineering department)</p>

<p>Schools you plan on applying to (in order of preference):
Harvard (SCEA), Carnegie Mellon (CS), Harvey Mudd, Berkeley, Stanford, Princeton, UPenn (engineering; legacy), Duke, MIT (maybe. I'm not sure if I like the culture there 100%), USC, UCLA, UIUC, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UW Seattle, Case Western </p>

<p>Harvard (SCEA) - accept/waitlist, Carnegie Mellon (CS) - accept, Harvey Mudd - accept, Berkeley - accept, Stanford - accept/waitlist, Princeton-accept/waitlist, UPenn (engineering; legacy) - accept, Duke - accept, MIT - fair shot (maybe. I’m not sure if I like the culture there 100%), USC - accept, UCLA - accept, UIUC - accept, UC Davis - accept, UC San Diego - accept, UW Seattle - accept, Case Western(idk)
Please chance me( <a href=“”>;/a&gt;)</p>

<p>Wow, you have some pretty amazing stats. The only schools that I would worry about acceptances at are Harvard, Princeton, Duke, Stanford, and MIT (although you have a pretty good chance of being accepted at any one of them). Also, if you applied to UPenn early, which you may have, i would say that you definitely could get in, but if you didn’t you don’t have as good of a chance and also loose most of your legacy boost. Those schools for anyone, are crapshoots. I knew someone with impressive ecs, a 4.0 and a 2400 on her sat that was wait-listed at Harvard. Your ec’s are also pretty impressive. One last thing and unfortunate and stupid as this is, you are at a slight disadvantage given your ethnicity. But anyway, best of luck, i have no doubt you will get into an amazing school!</p>

<p>First off, amazing stats! You will definitely be successful no matter where you go to college!
Here’s my input:
Harvard (SCEA) - accepted (being a comp sci major will definitely make you stand out), Carnegie Mellon (CS) - accepted, Harvey Mudd - accepted, Berkeley - accepted, Stanford - accepted if you do comp sci like Harvard, Princeton - waitlist/reject (you have a strong chance though), UPenn (engineering; legacy) - accepted, Duke - accepted, MIT (maybe. I’m not sure if I like the culture there 100%) - rejected (but you do have a solid chance), USC, UCLA, UIUC, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UW Seattle, Case Western - all the rest, accepted!
Best of Luck to you! And I can’t wait for both of us to find out about Harvard next month! :)</p>

<p>Thanks so much, all of you!</p>

<p>@swagcity64 I just did. :)</p>

<p>@jaredcohen‌ I’m freaking out about Harvard to be honest haha. If by some miracle we’re both in (a 0.0441 chance… sigh) we should be friends! :slight_smile: You seem like an amazing person (judging from your own thread)!</p>

<p>lol you are nearly a perfect applicant and I can see you getting into all the schools you apply to. Good Luck! Please Chance me back! <a href=“”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Yes! Lets be friends if we both end up at Harvard! I’m crossing my fingers for both of us :)</p>

<p>Dang! Really amazing stats! 100x better than me and I’d like to congratulate you! To be honest, if you write really well essays, which you will, you’ll get into most of these schools. But remember, it’s still a reach for everyone no matter what. Overall really good chances! Good luck! </p>

<p>I wish I had the score you have!!!
the UCs are all Safetiesor Matches(Berkley)
Stanford - Waitlist (maybe accepted since you have a record with them)
Harvard - Accepted
Princeton - Accepted (I heard they love stats)
Yale - Waitlist (more quirky admissions than harvard)
Penn - Accepted x2 for legacy
Case Western - Safety
Carnegie - idk, don’t know much about it but most likely accepted.
MIT - depends on how much you stand out from the other applicants but likely - accepted</p>

<p>Chance me plz!!!
<a href=“”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Harvard: If your essays aren’t spectacular, defer, but ultimately accept
MIT: You’ve got a great shot, just make yourself stand out
Stanford and Princeton: I know someone that got into Harvard and Yale, but not Stanford and Princeton, so just make sure your essays are strong (but you definitely have the stats)
UPenn, USC, UCLA, UIUC, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UW Seattle, Case Western, Duke, Harvey Mudd, Carnegie Mellon, Berkeley: All accept</p>

<p>Amazing stats :slight_smile:
Harvard: Accept
MIT: Accept
Stanford and Yale: Accept/waitlisted
Rest all: Accept
Your stats are amazing! I can bet you’re a talented writer. Use that to your advantage and I don’t think you’ll get any rejects :smiley: </p>

<p>All Ivies are reaches because their admissions are total crapshoots. However your stats and ECs indicate that you are a definitely worthy applicants to those. You have great shots at the rest,but can you pay 55k to UC schools? </p>

<p>Thanks so much guys :slight_smile: @paul2752 I’m actually an in-state applicant!</p>

<p>Good! </p>

<p>I wish I’d worked this hard. :frowning: </p>

<p>In everywhere but waitlist at Princeton (yield protection). Upenn and duke could trip you for this as well, but unlikely. “Perfect” applicant + female in comp Sci. MIT is like a safety for you.</p>

<p>Chance Back? <a href=“”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>harvard: reach, only because its unpredictable, same for yale, and stanford
everything else should be an accept from any reasonable admissions committee</p>

<p>Thanks!!! and @theanaconda please your EC’s are ridiculously amazing ;)</p>

<p>You are a stud. you should get into pretty much all of these colleges. </p>

<p>Harvard is the only one on that list that could possibly deny you. You should get in to the rest. Please chance me back! <a href=“”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>Ahh nerve-wracking because that’s the one I really want to go to :wink: haha @crhomberg21‌ I did, and you have a solid chance at pretty much all of them! Good for you :)</p>