Chance ME @Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, NYU


I am new to this so I don’t know the exact format of how this info is to be presented, but here’s a little about me:

International, Female, Asian, Private School, No legacy

GPA: 95/100 (UW) (People with below this have also gotten in from my country since it is a rigorous board)

No weighted GPA, because no APs are offered by school; no rank

Applied Test-optional because couldn’t give SAT due to pandemic

Took a gap year (graduated from High School in 2020) to really find a niche area I wanted to study. In my gap year, I participated in research studies, international conferences, national competitions, online courses and did an internship - all in the area of my interest (Econ+Finance)


  • School Academic Honors (Three Awards)
  • International Language Quiz - top in country, among top in asia
  • International Scholarship (Merit) - Finalist
  • State level marketing competition - 2nd Position
  • National Finalist - Econ competition
  • National Finalist - Finance competition
  • HPAIR scholar


  1. Econ and Business Club - member, leader, also affiliated after school (4+1 years)
  2. Founder/President of Public Speaking Club (11,12)
  3. Student Mentor - social service club (11)
  4. Emceeing (9-12)
  5. Research Project - Econ (12)
  6. Research Project - Finance (12)
  7. Case Study Project - Business (12)
  8. Student Govt - Captain (11)
  9. Marketing Competitions (11,12)
  10. Family Responsibilities (4+1 years)

CommonApp: About huge personal development - but is a very light-hearted piece of writing
Harvard supplement: About personal life and circumstances - a very serious tone
Yale supplements: My favorite! (idk how to describe them, but are kinda witty and expressive in my mind and show clear inclination towards the school)
Dartmouth essay, NYU essays: About the school but connected w personal aspects

Additional Info: Used to write specific bullet points about various activities not explained elsewhere, certifications, courses, gap year activities, reason for test optional etc

LORs: I don’t know how they might turn out but I shared a personal relation w all the teachers outside the classroom as well so I’m hoping they are good!

BTW: I made contact with 2 professors (through cold-emailing) at yale and dartmouth and heard back from them too (about my interests) and mentioned it in my essays too

I don’t know anyone who applied/got in, so would love to know where I stand, haha!

Feel free to start a conversation about anything from waiting-for-decision-anxiety to how you are doing!

Thank you, if you made it this far!

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Hard to know without scores esp as you are international so your grading rubric is differentt. I’d say reach for Ivies. NYU might be a better shot. It also depends on the country. A country with fewer applicants will give you a better shot.

Thanks for the opinion! Really appreciate it. I’m from India, so lot of applicants haha!
I’m completely aware Ivies are like reaches for literally anyone lol

Yes, I hope you have many safeties on your list. That’s a far reach list for even the top 1%

yeaaa I applied to a ton of safety schools too, haha

hope you get in wherever you want too xx

I think you have a shot depending on the strength of your essays, Good Luck :slight_smile:

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thank you!!! <3