Chance Me/Help Me-Direct Entry Nursing Schools

Hi all, I have a list of about 12 schools right now. They are CSU Fullerton, Villanova, ASU, Gonzaga, Point Loma, Purdue, SDSU, TCU, UC Irvine, UCLA, UConn, and University of Portland. I wanted to take out Villanova because of irrelevant reasons. I am here to seek recommends to add a target/reach school or schools.

Here is my academic and personal profile:
GPA: 4.24 (school went Pass/Fail second-semester junior year) 3.7 or so UW
SAT: 1430 (going to retake)
Gender: Male
Colleges: Seeking Direct entry nursing ones only
John Muir Internship
It starts in a week!

Kaiser Permanente Volunteer Shift Leader
Nearly 2 years since joining
3 hours every week. I have more than 290 hours. Received the Gold Volunteering Service Award (250 hours in one year)

KP Launch Summer Intern
An eight-week, 32 hours per week, paid summer work internship, earning hourly minimum wage. Assigned to the Member Services Department: greeted members, delivered documents, signed them in to speak to a representative, clarified any questions, and aided in department research. Participated in weekly workshops devised to provide interns with valuable individual and professional development skills. 3,500 applicants for only 10 internship slots.

Conducted research on member waiting time for each of the Kaiser Permanente service regions in the Diablo Service Area. Presented this to the Direct of Operations in the Member Services Department who then presented this to his boss and other higher-ups.

Shadowing Experience: Observed the routine and patient care of 8 different registered nurses in 4 different departments (ICU, PACU, Surgical, and Cardiopulmonary). Observed the routine and patient care of 3 different physicians assistants in 2 different departments (Urology and Head and Neck). Watched 10 procedures and surgeries. Observed the routine of a laboratory technician.

GOYA Leader
1 year since joining
As a GOYA leader (Greek Orthodox Youth Association), I help set up charitable events, organize youth gatherings, and host church assemblies for the GOYA participants. We target involvement among youth to get them involved with volunteering opportunities and team-building experiences.

Set-up donations for teenagers in Greece who were in need of clothing and shoes due to natural disasters.

Raiser over $1,000 for a philanthropy project for the homeless. Assembled more than 150 cold weather kits (water, snacks, beanie, blanket, socks, gloves in each kit).

President and Tutor of Study Studio
Providing free 1-on-1 or group tutoring for middle school students. Focused on making the transition to the next educational level as smooth as possible while giving students advanced learning techniques. Gathered a team of over 15 tutors. Created academic work schedules and SAT Grammar presentations. I made the switch from high school tutoring to middle school tutoring once the pandemic orders went into place.

President of American Cancer Society
Holding meetings with members of the club in order to plan fundraising events, volunteering opportunities, and build connections. As President of the club, I set up the various volunteering opportunities, led the meetings by educating members on cancer and its impact on society, and communicated with other organizations for fundraisers (canceled because of COVID-19). Provided over 20 hours of volunteering in 2020.

Greek Dancer
Involved with cultural Greek dancing for Ascension Cathedral. 2 hour long practices 1-2 times per week year-round. Compete at FDF (Faith, Dance, Fellowship) where churches from across the U.S. display their group dances. Have won costume awards, a first-place choral award, and second place for our division. We also dance for the Oakland A’s on Greek night and present our dances at our yearly church festival.

UC Irvine Nursing Camp Attendee
One-week NCIS: UCI program for 30 students. Participated in clinical nursing experiences. Learned the main hands-on nursing skills such as IV insertions, injections, vital signs, CPR, first aid, volar splinting, and simulation lab practice. Shadowing experiences in which we got to follow nurses practicing in the clinic at Gottschalk Medical Plaza on campus. Gave a presentation on student stress and its effects with my group in front of the Dean and professors.

Have a few other random awards but those aren’t important for yall.

Please help me out!!! It is greatly appreciated and this community is amazing for what you have previously helped me with.

@readthetealeaves @Gumbymom

SLU, Marquette, Creighton

University of Iowa, University of Cincinnati, Clemson???

Not sure of your budget/location preference.

My D just completed her 2nd year of nursing at SDSU. Her 2nd choice was U of Cincinnati. She realized after she applied to schools, got accepted and then started visiting campuses that she wanted a larger school with 25k+ students. All of a sudden the smaller schools (Univ of Portland, Seattle U, Gonzaga, USF, Marquette, Xavier) were out. So we could have saved some application and visiting / travel funds if we had known that early on.

Those schools listed are good direct entry programs nonetheless and you have the stats for them. Point Loma from your list however, is not.

Entry into any of the 4 CA public schools are a crapshoot. They all use the CSU GPA which is weighted but only for 8 semesters worth max. And still would probably need 4.25 or higher. The UC schools require essays and ECs so you might have a better chance there. The CSUs use stats only. UCs have discontinued requiring SAT/ACT scores.

my 4.24 is the capped gpa. My school is also known for its harsh rigor and my application will show how I was constantly busy with ECs mostly during the week around the year. I thought PLNU was direct? many people told me it was but there are many requirements. congrats on her SDSU studies, too! @Banker1

Your stats and activities are absolutely amazing. I’m a rising junior & I’m hoping to improve myself so that I can achieve incredible things like you did. I genuinely believe that you will get accepted into ALL those schools. You should consider USF, since you’re interested in lots of schools in California. Please update us on your future results!

@claireskies Thank you for all of that! Once I am done with all of this college process stuff I would love to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have

Too bad you are taking Villanova out because you look a good fit for the school and I think you ll get accepted. They have amazing service opportunities and there is a Greek presence on campus. Of course getting a good financial aid package might be an issue.

seeing these chance me posts stirs a lot of stress for me as a Mom.
Congrats on your many accomplishments, I’m sure that any school would be thrilled to have you. My daughter is dragging her feet in getting her act together - she just started junior year. I’m trying to encourage her to get cracking on some volunteer work and more extracurriculars but during these covid times those opportunities are not exactly overflowing.

For PLNU you come in freshman year as a pre-nursing student. You apply for the BSN program winter of your freshman year. Applications are due in February. There are not enough spaces for all of the pre-nursing students in the BSN program each year. If you are not chosen you are given priority the following year. So it may take you an additional year but you’ll get in if you meet the requirements. So it’s almost a direct admit. You’re either in the 4 yr or 5 yr program.